Sure, Raise the Damn Wage. No problem. 

We’ll just skip having employees altogether!

We darted into the Bedford Hills McDonald’s post-vacation and were met by new self-ordering screens.

The screens were pretty easy to use until we wanted to make one order “without pickles”. That required an actual human to walk us through the Edit function. Most people who came through the McD’s while we were there ordered at the counter and those who did use the touch screen needed assistance. Like us.

I’m not sure the touch screen sped up the order. It took us longer to personalize our items on the screen than it would have been to say ‘no cheese’ or ‘no pickles’. We still paid at the counter but I think there’s an option to pay at the screen. I didn’t see it but then again I wasn’t looking for it. 

This McD’s also has table service. We were given a numbered disc to put on the table that buzzed and lit up when a server brought us our food. Seems a little bougie for Bedford Hills McD’s but hey, for the two times a year we actually eat at McD’s table service beats standing at the crowded counter pacing and waiting.

I suppose touch screens make sense and once customers get the hang (seniors might be less likely to use the screens), orders will go faster. I also suspect the touch screens would have happened regardless of wage hikes. We figure the screens are a wash to the employees necessary to deliver the food to your table. 

Still the best French Fries on the planet. As long as they are hot, just out of the grease. Cold, blech. 

Busy Tuesday ahead for us  Have a good one. 

19 thoughts on “Sure, Raise the Damn Wage. No problem. 

  1. What’s next? Insert CrCd, Touch the picture and the product falls out the Shute into your waiting hand. Oh, and let’s name in Torn and Tardart!
    Now, my curiosity is forcing me to visit and see the update.

    1. There already exists kiosks where food stops out. Pizza and burgers. I haven’t used them and don’t plan to in the near future.

  2. Not only will robots take these jobs, but the cruel irony is that the jobs generated to build the robots will also be performed by robots. These robots will not need fast food either.

  3. I agree about the fries. I know it sounds blasphemous, but, they’re better than the fries at In’n’Out Burger (IMHO). That said, I have yet to try the fries Animal Style at I’n’O Burger.

    1. Aaah, animal style fries. Not for me. I’m a purist when it comes to fries. Salt. Ketchup on the side to dunk. Not glopped over the fries luke animal style sauce is at In’n Out.
      Where are you vis-a-vis In’n Out versus FatBurger?

      1. I don’t even put ketchup on fries – virginal is best – maybe a little salt.
        Never been to Fatburger. Looks like southern California is the closest (and that won’t happen). The closest approximation to it, that we have is The Counter:
        where it is actually possible to build a burger too large to get in your mouth (been there, done that). Overall? A double quarter pounder is fine with me.

        1. I’ve only been to Fatburger once or twice and I think one was Pasadena and the other Santa Barbara. Maybe not. Too long ago.

          No ketchup on fries? Wow, that is purist. I sometimes put the fries IN the burger. Like I put potato chips inside a sandwich. Tuna and chips is the best but egg salad with chips is darn good too.

          We were having a conversation this week of putting vinegar on fried clams. It’s a very Vineyard tradition that I’ve not seen elsewhere. Mmmmmm

        2. Bostonians put vinegar on fried clams. It’s regional but then again so too are eating fried clams. My son said he’s been to a road hut clam joint in Maine and they had vinegar by the salt and ketchup.

        3. Our kids went to camp in Maine and I remember a couple of roadside huts for lobster rolls and a couple with clams but I missed the vinegar cruet.

          We’re having chicken for dinner (on the barbie) and I’m thinking of leaving it there, getting in the car, driving seven hours to get fried clams. They are the kind of thing I can eat once every few years. In my youth on the Vineyard, I could eat them more often. Not any more.

  4. Take it from a local. I have never put vinegar on fried clams. Never. Don’t know anyone who does. Tartar sauce, ketchup maybe but not vinegar. If it’s on the table, it’s for French fries. For decades I’ve enjoyed eating fried clams in Boston, North Shore, South Shore and Maine.

    1. Okay, now you have me doubting my memory. I believe you but before I take you at 100%, I’m going to email a few of my old Vineyard pals.

      1. I’m going to have to give the malt vinegar on fried clams a try. Any reason to order a clam roll is a good reason.

        1. I don’t think I had good fried clams until I moved to The Vineyard. I grew up thinking good fried clams we’re at HoJo’s, which were probably fried mystery fish parts, not clams. I thought they were good as a kid tho but fresh out of the local waters and fried fresh while you wait on a toasted hot dog bun or on a plate, omg. We locals hung out at a restaurant that doesn’t exist anymore, Lawry’s. Fresh seafood. Fast. Fried. Mmmmm.

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