Miscellaneous Monday

Great time had by all yesterday. The Bowlmor did a fabulous job arranging the party – we only had to show up. Food items that I pre-selected were regularly replenished by our personal waiter, beverages, shoe rentals, three hours of unlimited bowling. All included. We had lanes in the corner so we had some privacy. A manager came over at least twice to ask if we were all okay and if everything was as we expected. I said yes yes yes.

I bowled the worst, even getting a gutter ball rolling the ball between my legs down the lane. Mr. EOS was the best, a few strikes under his belt. The grandkids lane knew when they were up and the gutter bumper rose out of the floor. We adults should have done that too! We brought our own birthday cake (the only non Bowlmor food allowed in), sang and feted the birthday boy, then parted ways a little before 3p. It was unanimous – bowling was a perfect choice.

I did NOT watch the Oscars last night – for a couple of reasons – this year not only had I not seen all the movies nominated for Best Film, but there wasn’t one movie that drew me in as worthy of seeing. Some movies nominated I never heard of, and I think I’m pretty movie savvy.

The titles in italics were unknown to me.
Arrival, Fences, Hacksaw Ridge, Hell or High WaterHidden Figures, La La Land, Lion, Manchester by the Sea, Moonlight

Of course, I am loving hearing that there was a major goof-up. Nothing is funnier than actors who can’t act reading a card they kinda think is wrong but not being able to think outside the card and maybe SAY the card handed them was wrong. Love it. Love it. I heard here were the predicable anti-Trump speeches. Ugh, another reason not to watch. I believe the only GOOD news I heard is that the Oscars means the END of the awards season.

Today brings some basic boring house chores, picking up fallen limbs and righting a fence board or two. Also, writing the final draft of our letter to Half Moon management. We’ve tried to add enough paragraphs of a positive nature rather than being all Negative Nelly, but bottom line we are asking for some money back. Let’s see how that rolls.

I never posted any Peeps photos from Half Moon, mostly because it was a week with many teens there and I felt uncomfortable taking photos of kids. But this one photo captured the essence of what bothered us the whole time – The Ubiquitous Selfie.


Monday it is. Kinda gray outside but no snow, so I guess that means Yay?! Have a good day.

10 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Monday

  1. Happy Monday! I took the eldest son to see Lion last night. We don’t normally go to movies, but it is really convenient here. While I don’t think it was necessarily oscar-worthy, I would definitely recommend it. Bring tissues, though!

    Tonight we are going to dinner at the opera–Carmen via The Met on demand. 🎭

    1. Thanks. I don’t have a clue what Lion is about. I’ll go look it up. One theme I noticed was sad movies. La La Land. Manchester. And you’ve added Lion. Introspection, which ironically is not Hollywoods long suit. I like a good movie that’s deep but I don’t like to be lectured.

      We’ve watched other Met Opera’s in TV. What a fabulous way to introduce opera to the masses. Have fun watching.

  2. In your Half Moon Bay complaint, why don’t you request 2 or 3 nights comp’d for your next visit. It’s improbable that they would refund you actual dollars. Keep us updated!

    1. I would do that EXCEPT what if we don’t go back? Plus, The nbigger issue is that we paid for the Half Moon food plan. All meals and all drinks (alcohol) for one not so low price. We didn’t come anywhere near meeting that mark because we skipped so many meals and drinks because we were sick. I’d like a credit on that portion of the bill. I’m not asking for any credit on the room portion.

        1. oh my oh my oh my oh my. Thanks. I can just see my blog being shut down because of that – in my defense, the b and n are right next to each other on the keyboard.

        2. jus’ funnin’ ya. on a more serious note, you can get a Chrome extension that changes black to white and vice versa – just so we can look at a news story from both sides:

        3. Ha. Speaking of white people, I guess it’s so last year that the hashtag #OscarsAreSoWhite was relevant. I have a hard time accepting the fact that Moonlight won Best Picture and what’s his name Ali won Best Actor other than White Guilt. AND, that same actor was lauded as being the first Muslim to win. Oy vey. A black Muslim kinda had to win in order for the bad hashtags to go away. Terrible to say but I believe it to be true.

        4. The truly heinous Oscars moment was trucking in the busload of tourists. It was as if they were an attraction – real Americans on display for Hollywood elite to ogle and point at. I was appalled.

        5. I heard about that but only saw a little clip. Your analogy seems spot on – that Hollywood wanted to see what a Deplorable looked like. Did the tourists understand they were being used? I doubt it at the time. Sad.

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