Lucy, Sweet Sweet Lucy


News from my Iowa family that their most beloved Lucy has died. They took Lucy to North Carolina as they usually do when they use their cabin, with the plan to also take her to Florida but Lucy was getting old, her hind legs not much able to hold her up. She went outside one day in NC and wanted to lay down, never a good sign for a dog, and she died there, both Tom and Diana with her, holding her. (me typing and sobbing at the same time.)


They gave her a nice burial sight on their land in North Carolina, a place she loved and was happy to walk around the woods and sit on the porch, so its fitting that she died there.

As any pet owner can attest, the death of a four-legged family member is traumatic and painful. Lucy is no exception. Lucy greeted you with her whole body wagging, she was gentle and lovable and deeply devoted. The daily routine of waking up and walking her is gone. So too, gone are the hugs and greetings.

I can only imagine the aching hearts – everyone who knew Lucy loved her, and she loved them back. Sigh. Dawg sends her love.


10 thoughts on “Lucy, Sweet Sweet Lucy

  1. I’ve never owned boxers but I hear they are the most lovable and loyal of all breeds. This is sad news indeed. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. Like humans, we hope our pets die peacefully and with us holding them. Sounds like Lucy knew she wasn’t able to make the drive to Florida and couldn’t run on the beaches anymore. When my 17-year old German Shepherd died, I fell to pieces. I was inconsolable for days. I send my condolences to your Iowa friends for their loss.

  3. McTavish, our Scottie, sends her thoughts. We’ve grieved over lost dogs too – it’s devastating for the whole family to lose a four-legged pal. They are our guards, our best friends. They love us when we are there to praise and love us when we have to scold or even ignore them. Sadness all around when they die.

  4. Not doing any Saturday chores in honor of Lucy.
    I’m going to sit down right now with my dog and watch Lucky Dog.
    ….while I have the chance to enjoy her company
    Thank you for sharing Lucy’s story.

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