Earth Image’s Travel Tip was Excellent

Phone in Airplane mode. Check.

Location on. Check.

Google Maps open. Check.

See the plane path. Check.

We went to the outer edge of Florida over Miami  then a bit inland up the coast until we hung a louie to Atlanta. Two hours thirty minutes.


Nice new plane, one I’ve never been on, a 717. Wifi once we got over Florida. 

Fancy ass Global Pass got us through Immigration before hoi polloi. Suitcases off pretty fast. Through Customs lickety split too handing off suitcases to continue their journey to HPN. 

While in line to go back through Security, a husband and wife cut in front of us. She in a wheel chair. Aaah, the old wheel chair scam. Once she was through the line, she got out of the chair, ditched it somewhere and she and hubby motored off on foot to get something to eat. They were maybe our age. Pretty shameful I think. I wish I had the chutzpah to call her out but in a public place, I let it go. 

We’re biding our time until flight two, sitting in the Delta Sky Lounge, watching all the planes go by.  

Vacation is officially over. Boo hoo. Likely no mahi mahi for dinner tonight. And no one to pull the bedspread back. Mr. EOS is still feeling a little weak. I’m back to normal. 

Next stop, White Plains. 

6 thoughts on “Earth Image’s Travel Tip was Excellent

  1. This method works without plane wi-fi, but then you get the generic world map without satellite detail.

    Glad my tip provided some in-flight entertainment. Welcome home. Puppy mills are back in play, cruelty to animals laws having been muted by President Trump’s latest EO.

  2. So, Earth Image, what does it really matter (unfortunately). Look at Michael Vick, made famous for dog fighting. He pleaded guilty to Federal Dog Fighting charges. in 2007. Then he was suspended from football.

    Of course he comes back to life, plays football, and is a role model for our youth. At the end of the day his career and life hit a small speedbump. Millions of Americans don’t seem to have a problem with his dog fighting conviction. After all. He is a star, a veritable American Hero. 🙂

  3. Coming back from St Martin in Feb, the walk from the gate to global entry was at least 1/2 mile (signs along the way would periodically say “only 15 minutes more”. i have a heart arrhythmia, and dragging my rollaboard i was gasping for breath and my heart was pounding. i would gladly have used a wheelchair had i known how terrible it was going to be. Once through customs, could i have walked to a nearby restaurant? Sure . I’m a rehab nurse. Things are not always what they seem. Hugs. Bibi

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