Give me a Y. Give me an A. Give me another Y. What does that spell? 


Feeling back to normal today. Whatever I had went through my system quickly. 

I had a bland breakfast to make sure I stay well. 

Off to the beach soon. 

As a funny aside, in searching for a cheerleader photo for this post, I was hard-pressed to find one EOS Family recommended. Google cheerleader and see what I mean. 😬

11 thoughts on “Give me a Y. Give me an A. Give me another Y. What does that spell? 

    1. Well, I’m back but it hit Mr. EOS like a freight train. We went to breakfast this morning for some toast and noticed every table had a bottle of water on it. We always ask for tap. When we asked, a manager scurried over to us to say as a precaution, they are using only bottled water. Huh? We asked if we shouldn’t use the
      faucet water for brushing our teeth and he VERY QUICKLY said nothing is wrong with the water. We are just taking some precaution this morning. I don’t believe a word he said. I am sure he didn’t want us to make a scene. He suggested we call the nurse to tell her so they can keep a log of anyone ill. I said to Mr. EOS, if we play our sick cards right, we can get out of here comped!! 😀

    1. We think whatever our malady is must be going around. We overheard a woman at breakfast, after being asked by a staff if she had a good night, say, actually no. We didn’t hear why so it could be unrelated. We’ve tried for an hour to report our illnesses to the nurse but she’s not in her office. We wonder if that means she’s tending to others who are sick.

  1. Maybe the nurse is out sick?
    Send an email to the head guy if you can’t reach the nurse after a reasonable amount of time- maybe another hour.
    The icing on the cake would be if they charge for bottled water.

    1. I just got a hold of the nurse. She was very pleasant so I didn’t choose to tell her how long we’d been trying to find her.

      She asked when we got sick, etc. I asked if other guests were reporting similar problems. She said yes and they are trying to track down the cause(s).

      She said she’d have the manager call us, which I suspect is resort protocol when guests take ill on the premises.

      We’re here on the full Half Moon meal plan so everything we eat or drink is included in one fee. I am sure they give out bottled water free if people are getting sick.

  2. Yikes!
    This has been some vacation, makes the earlier pot smell seem, almost pleasant?
    Sorry to know this was not what you had come to expect at a place you’ve enjoyed in the past. Times change…

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