There’s Always One 

There are plenty of beach chairs stretched along the many beaches at Half Moon. Plenty of thatched palapas too, for those guests wanting shade. 

Yet, yet, yet, there’s always one person who feels the need to get up at 6 and place towels on chairs but not show up until noon. 

That’s what happened yesterday to the two chairs in my photo. Held, so no one else could use them, but the arrogant guests felt no guilt. 

We’re at the beach now just before 10am. Twelve chairs in the little alcove beach we frequent. Of the twelve, the two of us and one man are the only ones actually sitting in the chaises. 

The two that were toweled yesterday are again tagged. No sign of them. I’ll report when they deign to appear. No one else feels the need to save chairs. As I said, there are plenty. Most resorts don’t allow saving anymore as it got to be ridiculous. Yet, there’s always that guy. Ugh. 

9 thoughts on “There’s Always One 

  1. Time to investigate other resorts for 2018. Must be very disappointing to find the lack of civility among other guests.
    Was there a management or marketing change since your last visit?

    1. That’s Mr. EOS’s department. No Kate Smith. Sadly, no Kate Upton SI cover* either. One in-between woman lying on her stomach. She covered herself when she sat up.

      *Speaking of which, am I the only one who wonders why Upton was on a SI swimsuit cover when the pics I saw she was not actually wearing a swimsuit? I know that’s not the point but…

  2. Some guests don’t even bother to place the towels, etc themselves: they pay an attendant to do it for them so they can sleep late and enjoy breakfast without worry. A pool attendant at a very fancy resort in PR confided to me that she was doing this for a family of six who wanted adjacent prime poolside chaises reserved for themselves every day of their week-long stay.

    1. You got that right. The two women who had the chairs reserved most definitely paid a pool staffer to set them in place. It’s pretty common. I don’t know what the going rate was, probably $100+, depending on how many days. We’ve only paid someone once, not because we felt we needed special treatment but because everyone did it and if we didn’t, we would have been sitting in the room, not on the beach. Most good resorts prohibit reserving chairs. I find it particularly egregious to consider yourself so much better than you can’t find your own beach chair.

  3. Another solution:

    I was faced with the same situation at another high end resort. I went to the pool people and politely asked them to bring out more chairs for my family. They did so very promptly, and there was no tipping involved.

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