The problem is, his music isn’t what hit me. 

I’ve got a bad case of Marley’s Revenge, chained to my hotel room all day. I went to breakfast feeling a bit off, but ate anyway. That was my mistake. I tried sitting on the beach this morning but I felt so lousy I had to leave. 

I don’t know what it is that I have but I’m chilled, wrapped up in towels sitting on the lanai hoping this is 24 hours. I’m the only one of the two of us affected. I skipped lunch and will skip dinner too. Hate that Mr. EOS has to be at the bar and dinner table alone but I can’t risk getting sick. 

Ugh 😑 

5 thoughts on “The problem is, his music isn’t what hit me. 

  1. So sorry this vacation is turning into one for the books and not in a good way. Hope tomorrow finds you much improved and back on your game.

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