The traveling ethicist 

So here’s the story. There are two men in the suites across the walkway from us. One man in the top floor suite and one on the ground floor. They know each other but aren’t a couple, hence separate rooms. Nothing wrong so far. I think they are here on business. 

The dealio. Both of them are heavy pot smokers, lighting up often on the suite patios. Not only do we see it, we smell it, and local marijuana is pretty strong smelling.

They are adults. They really aren’t bothering us. But the hotel very specifically says no drug use. If caught, they would likely be asked to leave. 

So, do I say nothing and let them smoke away their vacation, most assuredly from looking at these guys that the company is footing the bill. Neither gent looks like they’d ever choose to come here on their own and neither is ever seen at the terrace dining room. I see no sign of any convention either making their stay even that much more of a mystery to us. One of them sported a black t-shirt yesterday that said Spiritual Gangster. Maybe they are newly defrocked priests?

I figure if we rat them out they’ll know it was us. Personally I find it in horrible taste to smoke pot in public, even though these guys might say they are in the privacy of their room patios. It’s a family resort and surely we aren’t the only ones to get a waft. 

Would you tell on them or leave them be? Or ask them to share??!?! 😂 Inquiring Minds Want to Know. 

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  1. Dear EOS. You have four choices,
    1. Tell the two guys (politely?) that the smoke is really bothering your ‘asthma,” and would they find another place to smoke.
    2. Find out if there are smoking rules at the resort and if there aren’t any ask if you can move to another suitable too.

    3. If no luck either way you have to stiffen up and start demanding… the front desk. Nicely at first. Offer them a chocolate heart.
    4. If this doesn’t work, get really tough and say you will stay at the front desk until this is resolved. You do have payment options. And. Why not Order a mai tai while you wait
    Go For It!!

  2. Say something. Don’t let them abuse the hotel rules.

    PS. We had rain in Miami today. You get to ninner ninner this time.

  3. I would let it go….but I would probably inch closer to smell it more, too😜 I think it’s less troublesome than alcohol, but I would probably not like it if I were in a resort with the kids. If it’s really bothersome, I’d request a change of rooms with the management.

    You’re in Jamaica, it’s practically communion wine, non?

    Ps, loved the turtles!

    1. I believe I’ve read Jamaica has decriminalized marijuana. Rastas can smoke it as part of their religion. It’s not that big a deal. It’s the fact that these two guys feel it’s okay here. This isn’t the Holiday Inn. 😬

  4. Can you move to another room/suite? If the hotel asks ‘why?’, you can tell them you have osmophobia and there seems to be an odor coming from ‘somewhere’ triggering it. They can either move you or the odor.

    1. We’re in luck. As we went downstairs to dinner, a hotel staff member was delivering Departure envelopes to each room occupied by the Offenders.
      The hotel got surprisingly packed over the weekend, Saturday some 800+ check-ins. I presume that’s 800 total people, not reservations. Lots of huge family groups here. Tables of ten and twelve are the norm at dinner. It’s moot now to ask to be moved. Thankfully.

  5. I doubt you are the only ones getting a good whiff of pot. While the written rules say no drugs, it appears there is tacit approval. I probably wouldn’t bother to mention anything to the management but I would make it clear to anyone who asks for my opinion that it’s not quite the family resort it bills itself. But then, it is Jamaica.

    1. We’ve been scratching our heads at the clientele here now. Lots of people I’d describe as scruffy. Not well dressed or groomed. Shirts not tucked in for dinner. THe hotel has a dress code but we’ve seen many ignore it with no one stopping them. Something’s changed. I don’t know what but even the staff is different. Lots of new staff too. I’ll have to research and see if a new manager took over.

        1. I wake up early and come out in the patio to listen to the water lapping ashore. About 15 minutes ago, or 5:45am, the guy in the upper suite just got home. Hmmmm. Maybe he won two lotteries??? 😬

  6. We had the same dilemma. Couple of weeks ago we stayed at the Fountainebleau in Miami Beach. We see guys on the beach talking about how they don’t want to eat they just want to be drunk ,it’s about 11 am. The seats are too close, I don’t need to know their story. I’d already been on my beach chair. Later these same men, older than college, hipster, they are now by the end of the pool area standing behind a bush smoking a joint. It’s after lunch broad daylight and they are not even trying to hide. I really wanted to go talk to somebody with Security and probably should have and didn’t. So I do look to you for guidance. Pot is not legal in Florida and I didn’t pay FB prices to hang with these annoying low lifes. Once in a beach front Hilton Head hotel the people below us kept smoking on their balcony. We would have our door open looking at the water and the offshore breeze would take their smoke right up and into our room it was awful. It was also a No Smoking property except outside in areas. I complained nicely to the front desk. It didn’t stop a thing. Just frustrated me more!!

    1. That’s an awful tale. Especially the part where the manager didn’t care. It is the hipsters who have ruined Miami.

      The only time I stayed at The Fountainbleau was about 1955. It seemed WOW to this kid from Delaware.

  7. Oh I think the hotel staff in Hilton Head did talk to the downstairs smokers, it was cigarettes, but THEY didn’t care and just kept using the balcony for smoking. I should have dumped a bucket of water on their heads and told them I was putting out a fire! Just thought of that now!! ha ha

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