Hurry hurry. 

On an errand by golf cart today, we happened upon a staff member releasing baby turtles into the sea. We jammed on the brakes and hopped out to see it all unfold.

The hotel is taking part in an island wide effort to protect the nesting momma turtle then helps to release the turtles. There were about 100 in this exercise.

The staff built a sand ramp, each turtle placed at the top of the hill. 

It was explained you can’t put the turtles right into the sea because they need the location imprinting provided by the trek from 15′ back from the water line to know where to return as adults to start the cycle anew.

These guys are only a day old and without any nudge from mom, off they went.


When we left to continue upon the errand, three were in the iffy department. One kept turning away from the water, one looked half dead. The third was calling out for his mommy!

I suspect the survival rate once at sea is dismal. One pelican swoop and fifty are gone. Or one big fish gulp. But it as fun to be there at their new beginning.