When we’re not sunnin’, dinin’, drinkin’, walkin’, or funnin’…..

We’re hitting the links!! The Miniature 18-hole course, such that it is. Mostly weeds and sand, unkempt because who, other than us, wants to play Putt Putt when Half Moon has some of the best Jamaica golf courses on the island!

I aced one green. But in the end, I had more three-putt greens than Mr. EOS so he was the victor today. Today. Wait til tomorrow.

We’re each doing a crossword puzzle a day too. I brought a stack of WSJ puzzles I printed out. The hotel has the NYT Digest at breakfast so we’re fair and balanced. 

And books. I took to heart your recommendations and bought many. Swanton asked what we brought: these, and one more that Mr. EOS is reading, the Charles Krauthammer bio. I devoured The Vanishing Year. Wow, glued to it and read it on a day and a half. Now into the Dorothy Kilgallen book, about the rumor surrounding her early death. Next for me will be Elephant Company, suggested by Sound Beacher.  

Changing now into Gussy Up Mode for the bar and dinner. 

Hope you all had a good Thursday too. 

6 thoughts on “When we’re not sunnin’, dinin’, drinkin’, walkin’, or funnin’…..

  1. As soon as I read your review of The Vanishing Year I reserved it as an ebook from my library. Like magic, it will show up on the kindle app on my iPad. Sometimes there’s no wait but this is a popular book.
    Pitch and putt is what I’d call that test of golf. Miniature golf in Boston means a windmill and a few plastic obstacles. Date night back in the dark ages.

  2. Hope you’re having a wonderful time and looks like you are!! Our Book Club just discussed “Hilly Billy Elegy” this week! Curious to see what you think of it when done. I don’t see any beach reads among them! You’re in Jamaica Mon…

  3. You are having my kind of vacation…..a real relaxer.

    i see black and blue crossword entries.
    I know blue has got to be ballpoint, is black a self assured inker also?
    I just got some #1 lead pencils for Xmas…..guess what I use them for.

    1. I see you noticed we share the puzzle doing. I’m the ink pen. Mr. EOS is the hotel ballpoint user. We bicker a bit about how we differently fill in the squares, our handwriting differs immensely. The better NYT puzzle doer and Mr. EOS prefers the straight WSJ type. We make a good team.

      Yes, this is a real relaxer. Loving it.

    1. I love Mike Rowe. Love his YT channel. Love his mom too. Love his voice. I did nod off a bit but it could be from sun fatigue, not his story telling.

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