Yeh Baby. We made it to paradise. 

Easy peasy second flight but our plane didn’t have TV screens so we couldn’t follow along on the route map how we got here. At one point we saw what looked like a giant desalination plant right at a huge line of barrier islands. This: 

Then this island too. No clue where we were. 

We’re too busy right now doing nothing to look at maps of the route from Atlanta to Montego Bay So if any of you feel so inclined, by all means educate us. 

We plan to be busy doing nothing for the next ten days. 

Aaaahhh. Great to be here. 

9 thoughts on “Yeh Baby. We made it to paradise. 

  1. Cayo Anclitas (Little Anchor Key)

    One of the world’s great grouper conservation areas.

    Cuba is deciding how to develop the fishing and diving tourism without ruining the resource.

    1. We’ve been looking at online maps and are not sure about your observation. We traveled over land for a big portion if the trip and these islands were the first sighting of water. Could it be islands off the Florida panhandle?

  2. Travel tip. Even with airplane mode on, if your iPhone location services are on and you sit by a window, your iPhone GPS will track you.. Google Maps as an app has a world map, Just zoom out to find yourself.

    Other apps will track speed, altitude, etc.

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