Half way to paradise

Arrived Gate D 23

Easy on-time flight to Atlanta. Not even 90 minutes long. It’s the getting up at 4am that was tough. No matter how many alarms I set, I still woke up every two hours to make sure I hadn’t overslept. 

The couple in the row in front of us needed to get a room!! I don’t think they unlocked lips and arms the entire flight. Aaaah, young love. 

A long stroll from Concourse D to E but we’re at our gate, ready to go. We even had time for breakfast at MickeyD’s before flight two. Next stop, real paradise! 

3 thoughts on “Half way to paradise

  1. Seriously — glad your flight went off, I even tried to see how the HPN flights were going out this am. The wind is whipping here and the icy roads are staying. You two lucky; ones enjoy the sunshine and the beach on the Island!!

  2. Wonderful news! What books did you end up bringing?
    Still snowing here but very lightly. Winds which were supposed to be severe are more like gentle breezes. In anticipation of a major, blockbuster of a winter storm, wimps declared snow days for businesses as well as schools.

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