Pacing Pacing Biting Nails Pacing Pacing


Try as we might to get out of dodge, Delta didn’t post any alerts or advisories for either HPN or JFK, so if we wanted to leave yesterday, we’d have to pay $200 per person for the privilege. Same for today and of course, now, we are getting some serious snow, with totals due close to 6″! Still no advisories or alerts.

The real problem isn’t the snow today, it’s the wind advisory for tomorrow that will surely put the kaibash on our 6am flight. We are all packed, 100% packed, bags at the front door, and ready to leave for HPN if we have to bolt quickly. Looking at Flight Stats website, the afternoon Delta flights to Atlanta still say Scheduled but we all know that means nothing.

Oddly, almost all the JetBlue flights from HPN to Florida are listed as cancelled. That’s a problem, for them!

I’m a pretty relaxed flyer, except when weather is a factor. Stay tuned.

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