Bravo Charlie Delta

Trying to wing our way to Jamaica, with Storm Niko out of the way, looks like round two is right behind, Sunday into Monday, throwing a huge wrench into our flight plans.


This year, rather than flying non-stop from JFK, we opted for the two-step method, leaving locally, HPN for Atlanta, then Atlanta for Montego Bay. It’s the first leg that is problematic as HPN cancels that route with scary regularity.

We’re thinking we will just get out of town for Atlanta a day early, hang out at the airport hotel, and be ready for our flight to Montego Bay as planned.

Stay tuned to see if Delta agrees with our plan and doesn’t charge us huge fees to change.

We got a little less than a foot of snow yesterday. Today, blue skies up above, everyone’s in love…..especially the school kids who get a two-hour delay. I guess the roads are a bit icy still.


6 thoughts on “Bravo Charlie Delta

    1. The non-stop airfares were egregiously high early on – JetBlue and American were hovering around the $1100 mark r/t. Per person! United was even higher. We monitored the prices with online alerts and it wasn’t getting any better. An AMEX deal popped up for a $425/rt per person on Delta if we left from White Plains. Seemed a no-brainer. By leaving locally we also eliminate the extra $175+ times 2 car service charge to/from JFK. The downside is early flights out of HPN are almost always cancelled.

  1. Have a happy….ginger beer. Or whatever you wish to imbibe.

    On your way up to Half Moon Bay, you may pass James Bond Bay about 1:30 pm on the Island’s perimeter (if it were a clock-face.) Any photos of the Bay there or of Ian Fleming’s place would be appreciated.

  2. I’m late to the party but having watched weekend forecasts change from hour to hour I think you’ll be fine for a Monday departure. But, if Delta is willing to allow a change at no cost to you try it.
    Many years ago while traveling to Phoenix via Dallas in the face of an advancing snow storm Delta was more than happy to let me leave a day early.
    Next week looks pretty miserable weather-wise. You picked a good week for your Jamaica jaunt.

  3. Hope your absence from blogging means you’ve skipped town early for where the sun shines daily on the mountain top.
    Forecasts for New England continue to change almost hourly with each one worse than the one before.

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