Man the Shovel Station.It’s the Big One Elizabeth.

Hello, My Name is Niko and I’m going to ruin your travel plans.

Note the graphic says Snowfall POTENTIAL, not actual projected totals. The scare tactic. But it got my attention and I’m running out now, like a chicken with my head cut off to get bread and milk before the shelves are empty.

This morning The Weather Channel says we might get up to 6″ now. Ooooh. I swear in my next life I’m coming back as a weather forecaster. You get to say whatever you want, be wrong all the time, and never be held accountable because ya know, Mother Nature took a different course. Sweet.

[In my best Jerry Seinfeld voice] What is it with naming snowstorms now? And who chose Niko?

Other than weather news, I expect at some point today we’ll get the breaking headlines that the 9th Circuit Court has overturned Trump’s travel ban. It’ll happen. Mark my words. Happy Hump Day.

9 thoughts on “Man the Shovel Station.It’s the Big One Elizabeth.

  1. We should get at least 4″, might get 13″ and will likely get 10″ tomorrow. Icy conditions caused loads of accidents this morning. Stayed safe and snug at home.

    1. Frankie Frankie he’s the man. I missed my calling. Maybe I should have my own access show or YT channel. Hmmmm, should it be about Dawg? Politics? Pooper scoopers? Recipes?

  2. I guess this might be a good time to check in from Sarasota. Our 1200 mile drive was loong (can’t believe Martha and tribe do this regularly). This is the second time I’ve done that drive and I hope not to do it again. The two cats traveled much better than expected. Stayed in a pet friendly Super 8 overnight and everyone chilled. I heard my wife booking the reservation and said you are going to stay in a Super 8? After 12 hours driving it was great.

    Here is what we find interesting about FL so far. The weather has been great, one day was even too warm. I’m thinking wow wait until summer. Mostly we are getting used to the pace. Everyone is very nice but everything takes longer than we are used to. I think the heat is part of this, slowing things down, but this is so much different than the NYC metro rat race, congestion, competition, etc. I came to NY many years ago for all of that and largely enjoyed it all. It is interesting to do something different. Most people we meet that are our peers are very ready to be friends since most of them don’t have the distractions associated with our prior lives.

    We like the fact that all the locals who are tradesman have a good quality of life and are such a pleasure to deal with. DMV is on the agenda for tomorrow, but last time I was there, they were even real people doing a job, unlike what we are used to in the northeast.

    We are still pulling the house together. We get up every day and attack house chores.

    In terms of moving, Clancy Relocation, the local United Van Lines agent, was superb. We did not have one broken or damaged item. They work locally to Westchester/Fairfield county and also go up and down the east coast. The same guys who loaded our stuff in Riverside unloaded it here. We heard so many stories of bad moving experiences. We are happy that we did well.

    1. OMG OMG OMG OMG. I’ve been soooooooooooo hoping you’d chime in. I’ve been thinking of you constantly and thought you’d wait until tomorrow when we have a full foot of snow to ninner ninner us.
      Thanks for the brilliant and detailed update. I’m so happy it all went swimmingly.
      Are your new neighbors NE transplants for the most part??
      And will your a/c, running 12 months, be the replacement oil for the furnace Yikes bill???

      Thanks again for taking the time to check in!!

      1. Traditionally, the northern transplants to Florida’s west coast came from the midwest, starting when Bertha Palmer (there is a very good Wikipedia article on her), the young but very solid wife of wealthy Chicago entrepreneur Potter Palmer fell in love with Sarasota and came here frequently on her private rail car. She bought a lot of property here, Palmer Ranch has become an upscale subdivison a bit inland, and talked it up in her social circles. I-75 became the main north/south route from the midwest. The Gulf Coast has grown in popularity with people from the northeast. I’d say the transplants we meet are about half from the Northeast and half from the midwest. I much prefer this area to the Boca/Miami area which to me is too crowded and too much like New York.

        We are on Sarasota Bay so have natural breezes which I don’t think one would find a bit further inland, though you would find attractive and less expensive housing there. We leave our doors open to our lanai, which people here call their outdoor deck or living room when we are here, closing them when we go to bed. We will probably be able to do that until it really heats up in mid June. Now that we are here, we will learn by trial and error what utilities cost and how to optimize things.

        It is frustrating to figure out all the things in the new house, from where the TV channels are to how the ceiling fans and gas grill works. Some of these things are not as obvious as one would think. It is a process and we will work at it every day and until it is all sorted out.

        DMV was a snap with minimal waiting and I am all Florida legal now. I commented to the clerk how much easier it was than DMV in NY and CT and she said she hears that a lot.

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