She’s Baaaaaaack


My mom, in her 99th year, was not about to take NO for an answer when the State of Delaware took away her driver’s license.

She was temporarily okay when we arranged for a driver for her but she hated hated hated hated waiting for someone to take her to get her hair done and hated hated hated for someone to take her to church, then come in and sit next to her. She felt she lost all of her privacy, not to mention her independence. I told her she could tell the driver to wait in the car but she told me he was also a Catholic and was delighted to go to church with her.

She equally hated hated hated paying for a driver when they were taking her places that weren’t even a mile away.

Before Christmas last year her eye doctor told her he thought she could drive and that he would write to the DMV on her behalf, to get her a restricted license. No driving at night, which mom is fine not doing anyway, and no driving x/# miles beyond her residence in 19807. The eye doctor told mom he mailed the request in December 13.

She didn’t hear and didn’t hear and didn’t hear from the DMV so she called them today and lo and behold they said they had written to her, granting her permission for a restricted license. Mom never got that letter.

They told her no problem, just come down to the DMV. The letter is in the computer and she can get a restricted license.

Mom is so overjoyed she could hardly contain herself on the phone. I’m okay with this, the restrictions are reasonable and it still allows her to go to church, the country club, the supermarket, the hairdresser, the Post Office and drug store, all without going much more than two miles from her house.

She accepts that she’ll still need a driver for outings farther away, but she’s okay with that. I believe her. Of course, the irony is she has to pay a driver to get her down to the DMV to get her new license. I have a feeling she’ll say it will be money well spent.

Watch out Greenville Delaware!


8 thoughts on “She’s Baaaaaaack

  1. You aren’t worried that her eyesight was bad enough for her license to be taken away but now she can drive again?

    1. I might be if I thought she was driving far or at night. She knows her limitations. Her eye doctor is the one taking the chance I think, recommending she’s fine to drive. I was surprised he did this.

      She accepts that this is a great second chance. I don’t expect her to test the limits or do anything crazy.

  2. I can’t imagine how happy she must be, good for her. I hope it all goes well and she stays safe. It will probably rejuvenate her, for sure!!

    1. I heard Joe was just hired by my alma mater, University of Pennsylvania to be a professor at a new facility in DC. Guess Joe is safe. Yes, they live near each other.

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