Betsy deVos confirmed as Secretary of Education.

And here I thought I’d be Hillary’s Secretary of Education! What happened??

Aaah, sweet lovable Randi Weingarten, once the head of the NYC Teachers Federation and now the head of the United Teachers Federation, must be plotzing this afternoon at the news that deVos was confirmed.

Teachers unions and Senate Democrats opposed Ms. DeVos’s decades of leadership in the school choice movement, which advocates charter schools and voucher-funded private schools as alternatives to traditional public schools, says the WSJ article. 

I suspect deVos is going to have her hands full of giant pushback from the unions, from teachers who thought Common Core was great and school districts that don’t want so much choice or charter school options.

Pence had to cast the deciding vote to make the confirmation happen but I'[m okay with that. It’s not HOW deVos got there, it’s that she IS there.

Kids and families win today. Unions take a hit. That’s good in my book.

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  1. I’m sorry, am I on FWIW? Did my blog icons get mixed?

    Where is the No-Politics EOSr when you need her?

    1. You often criticize EOS for her blog post choices. Her Blog Her Rules. Don’t click a link if it doesn’t suit your desire for a total non-political blog. I like the mix.

  2. Peter-

    In my defense, this “criticism” is done with kidding affection, which goes both ways, often with a more thoughtful and respectful private communication. And like ObamaCare, you have to approve it to find out what’s in it with many blog posts.

    And hey, a child very dear to me is a public school unionized teacher in a school very, very close to EOSr HQ. Which I think our benevolent host knows.

    One of the virtue of this blog is its tolerance for opposing points of view, and EOSr and I are very far apart on a wide range of issues. I am here for the great landscape photos.

    So you are correct and PC too, that if I didn’t like Randi mug, I shouldn’t have clicked. But I honestly thought I was on FWIW when I read our host’s commentary.

    So in Trump-esque fashion, I was just kidding. But then I wasn’t. But now I am. Despite having two children as teachers, we also have home-schoolers, charter schoolers, drop-outs, and Yale grads.

    There, I said much too much already. But I agree we come here to read because it is fun, entertaining and often educational. EOSr makes even dog poop fun.

    1. I try and be respectful of your opinions EI and I think you are usually tolerant of mine.

      All viewpoints are welcome here, as long as they agree with me. Ha!

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