What a Game! What a Game!


From the fabulous Bush 41 coin toss to the non-political Lady Gaga halftime to the unheard of comeback by the Patriots, what an night, what a game, and what a finish. The people in the stadium who paid a ton for tickets got their money worth!

Not to let be buried in the previous post comments, caelestis won the night with these two linked tweets:

My personal favorite moment? Roger Goodell being loudly booed and Robert Kraft saying the last two years needs no explanation!

My second favorite moment was all the SJWs online mortified that Gaga didn’t take her moment to bash Trump. Ha ha. I gotta admit I was surprised she didn’t go political but thrilled she chose to merely perform. What a novelty.

Time for coffee! Happy Monday!

21 thoughts on “What a Game! What a Game!

  1. We had about thirty people at the house, most rooting for the Falcons. With less than four minutes to go in the game, the Falcons owner and his wife went down to the field to get ready for congratulating his team for the win. The camera panned over to them a few times, less and less happy.

    Gotta give it to the Patriots for the comeback. At halftime the Fox anchors gave all the stats of no team has come back from that much down in a SB to win. Gaga was great.

    I have serious indigestion from eating too many wings and pizza. Otherwise, Happy Monday.

    1. I didn’t see all that many ads. The Kia was funny with Melissa McCarthy. I missed the Audi ad, thankfully. I didn’t get the Humane Society ad with lawyers. Went right over my head. Nothing else stood out. You?

    2. The ads are getting universally panned for being too political. 84 Lumber and Audi top the list. I want an ad to be funny and catchy, not to serve me a dose of liberalism. Why was Alfa Romeo advertising at the SB? It’s a car brand so few people think of.

      1. I can see I’m going to have to find a website that has all the ads in one place and just watch them one by one. I missed so many. Didn’t see the Alfa ad but would agree it seems an odd placement. I remember liking the Ford ad but can’t tell you now why.

  2. I can top caelestis’s Tweet:

    I left the SB party at the beginning of the third period and didn’t hurry home. What a mistake. Great game.

    1. One of the morning sports shows said the same thing – that Brady might have been the popular choice but stats proved that others deserved it more. I don’t remember if Edelman was their choice but he certainly made the night. I wonder how hard it was for Gronk not to be on the field.

  3. Epic stupid ads in no particular epic stupid order. By stupid I don’t mean political, I mean stupid, as what’s the point of spending so much money for stupidity.

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  4. I love a parade! It’s on for tomorrow at 11. I think it should be postponed a day for better weather but I’m sure the team wants to get started on well earned vacation time. The first half was pretty dismal but I didn’t lose hope. Got nervous but still believed.

      1. The forecast is for rain along the coast and freezing rain and perhaps a little snow away inland. Nothing serious, only nuisance weather. But, since it’s New England, it could all change at the drop of a hat.

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