Uh Oh. Warning to Earth Image Who Didn’t like the Bowl of Spaghetti Photo…

….You might not won’t like this photo either. It is back to nature though, but probably not the nature you had in mind.

Taking advantage of a perfectly good sunny (albeit cold) day to be outside, I decided to clean up the yard of Dawg’s poop. However, I’m finding the pooper scooper I bought that got good reviews is NOT at all to MY liking.

The Nature’s Miracle Jaw Scoop, Jumbo! (sorry Dawg).

The Jaws teeth are not sharp enough to scoop up from frozen grass and actually the scooper part is TOO jumbo. It doesn’t need to be that big unless you are cleaning up after an elephant. I should have thought to take a photo of the Jaws teeth before putting it to the test and now that I have used it, you don’t really want to see the teeth. Trust me.

It takes quite a bit to squeeze the handle top to open the Jaws and it’s not easy releasing the jaws either, once they are full of poop.

I’d give it a D. Not an F because it does scoop, just not how I’d like it to work. Back outside. Oh joy!

What do the rest of you dog owners do?


14 thoughts on “Uh Oh. Warning to Earth Image Who Didn’t like the Bowl of Spaghetti Photo…

  1. We trained our dogs to poop in one back corner of the yard. They only go there. It makes it much easier to clean up, not to mention there aren’t poop bombs all over the yard. Dawg is probably too old to retrain her but if you get another dog it’s a good trick a trainer taught us the first week we brought our pups home.

    1. That is a great tip and one we did many years ago with another dog. Dawg tells me she’s just happy she can still get outside to do her business.

      If I cleaned up daily I wouldn’t be complaining. This is my fault for letting it get so bad.

      1. addmittedly , a bit grim, but, after sampling the videos of other pooper scooper “solutions”, all i could think of is what could go wrong. this one is more fun:

        1. Whoa, those clip are amazing, every last one. What a great compilation. I was in several of them. Maybe next year Obama will be in one, witnessing his recent kite surfing with Branson in the BVI.

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