Go Patriots… and All Things Super Bowl 

Like so many other football fans, we’re gearing up for the big game, getting food and beverages in today so I expect the Dorito and chicken wing aisles at the supermarket to be crowded. 

Since The Giants aren’t in the SB, I’m deferring to Mr. EOS’s favorite team The Patriots. Fearful of jinxing the outcome, I will not predict a Patriots blowout win and actually I hope for a close nail-biter game. One sided games are so boring to watch. 

I did a quick search of Super Bowl logos and have decided most of them are done to look too fancy and trendy. Hard to accomplish with a stack of Roman Numerals. 

This one wins my vote for the worst. So obscure. 

Yikes, who designed this one???? Awful!! 

This one looks like a western saloon font. And brown??? 

Another brown logo. Could they not afford color that year??

This is the Tetris PacMan logo. 

This? Hit the road? On the road? What’s the theme here??

I like this one the most. Easy to read. To the point. 

Now all the logos have the trophy in them. Hard to be creative when that thing is so prominent. 😬

Here’s this year, the lowly L and I. How many kids study Roman Numerals anymore to know that this is 51??? 

Other than the game and what I hear to be politically correct ads from Budweiser and Audi, I’m the most uncomfortable about Lady Gaga’s performance at halftime. She’s already said she’s all about inclusion. Uh oh. I sense a Trump immigration diss. I may take the half time to have a root canal. I’m so tired of celebs ruining big events for their own agenda. Sing then leave the stage. I fear that’s not going to be the scenario. 

Happy Friday and Happy Super Bowl weekend. Who are you rooting for? Who’s cooking? Who’s hosting? Who’s going to a sports bar to watch? Who’s not watching??? Anyone, anyone, Bueller? 

8 thoughts on “Go Patriots… and All Things Super Bowl 

  1. I am going to a party in Greenwich but I have to bring something.

    I’m going with the Falcons this game, not because I’m a huge fan but because I think the media has put Tom Brady up on a pedestal hoping he’ll fall off.

    Lady Gaga is talented but I agree, she’s gonna do what a lib is gonna do and send a clear message she’s opposed to the Muslim ban and the wall. I expect something very political. Tell me where your sentist is and I’ll go have a root canal with you to spare me the ugliness of the Gaga scene.

  2. One suggestion is to watch the half time with the sound off….no closed caption either.
    Have a musical swap ready. I like watching ‘talent shows’ with Sirius playing…the singers/dancers disconnect is entertaining.

    1. Great suggestion Flash. I’m going to try that. Of course, if I’m in the minority on that decision, I may have to find another TV to mute.

  3. Hey I had my first root canal just last week and you don’t want to have one of those. Still not 100% with the new crown etc.
    I like watching The Game at home, so I can control the remote!! I am looking forward to what Gaga does, you’ve got Luke Bryan to bring in the country fans. Going to have pulled pork sandwiches made in the slow cooker, cole slaw, lots of apps, maybe home made pretzel bites. Just inviting “family” friends who are like family!

    1. Ya know, knock on enamel, I’ve never had a root canal. I don’t have any crowns. I have incredibly good teeth. The most dental work I’ve had to suffer through is having is an old filling taken out and replaced with whatever the new filling substance is. I do not envy your root canal. Not at all.

      Agree to preferring watching the game at home but I have not figured out how to regain control of the remote. I’m going to have to work on it.

      Have fun and Go Patriots!

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