….With Clark Griswold as Your Landlord

Lampoon movie residuals must not be pouring in at the Chevy Chase home here in Bedford or maybe it’s that supporting daughters who travel to every cool protest is too costly – whatever the reasons, the Chase’s are renting out their pool home.

I’ve been in this pool house, and in the main house too, because before the Chase’s bought it, we looked at it ourselves to buy. The  main house is big and beautiful but I remember the land was so heavily treed there wasn’t much light. And the house needed major updating.

From the photos, yard maintenance isn’t high on Chevy’s list. Place looks overgrown and neglected.

I kinda wonder how one is supposed to access the third bedroom….looks like there are hooks for a ladder but yikes, that’s not for me.

Listing says Chevy pays for heat, water, and landscaping, including costs associated with pool cleaning and maintenance. But with the pool open at most three months, that’s not much of a deal. I can’t imagine this house has town water so why the rent includes water is beyond me. Plus, the real downside, IMHO, is sharing the pool and backyard with “others”, meaning the owners and their friends – no thanks. When Gawker writes a story about Chevy being as ass****, uh oh, having him as a landlord might not be fun either.

I don’t see them as often as I used to. Their three girls went to school with my kids so we saw them regularly – Chevy and Jayni were always at every sports and school event so two thumbs up for active participation in parenting. Chevy was often asked to be the emcee for charity events, or the auctioneer. Maybe he still is, but not anything I’ve been to lately. Jayni is a huge green proponent. Hey, whatever floats your boat. I suspect they’ll rent the pool house easily. It’s not much money around here for a furnished three bedroom place in a good location.

As for Chevy’s acting skills, this is my favorite Chevy gig.

Caddyshack and the first Vacation movie were okay too. He stunk on SNL. Stunk!

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  1. What? I guess since Toto appeared, Chevy’s fortune has been… in the toilet.

    Chevy Chase. The divisive comic actor owes his posh upbringing to his mother’s stepfather, Cornelius Vanderbilt Crane. Despite his first and middle names, Crane was actually an heir to Canada’s Crane Plumbing empire, founded by Richard T. Crane Sr. in 1855. (Richard Jr. was a close friend of Cornelius Vanderbilt.) In short: Chevy Chase’s family’s money comes from toilets. Write your own joke here. Cassavafilms.com

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