I don’t even know what this means! 

Become ungovernable??? Huh? 

Last night at UC Berkeley students became unhinged at the thought of a non-liberal voice on campus, protesting for hours against the speaking gig of Milo Yianopolous. 

There were fires. Why destroy property to protest a speaker and who pays to repair the broken glass? 

I guess the students had a myriad of objections to Milo, as witnessed by the signs.

I mean, what is a Trans Dyke and did Milo say they aren’t good? Milo is gay himself, but if liberals stood true to their principals, they’d stay away from projecting anger because of someone’s sexual preference. I don’t get it. I laughed at the ABC News written typo in the caption of the TransDyke photo. See it? Freudian?

No matter what, ABC, and other news outlets that reported on this, all wanted their readers to know that Milo supported Trump. Don’t you just love this description of Milo? You wonder how the reporter knew all this if the speech wasn’t delivered. Hmmmm.

Bottom line, I see no point in going to Berkeley if all you want to do is hear one voice. Stay home in your parents basement. You’ll be there in four years anyway. 

Finally, note that many of the protest signs are organized. Rev Com dot US and Refuse Fascism dot Org. Says to me there is serious money behind them. I’m not making their sites linkable on purpose. You want to check them out, fine, but not from my blog. 

Sad day for higher education that opposing voices continue to be blocked.

In late breaking news, Phil saw his shadow. More winter. Fine by me. I’ll be in Jamaica!

Happy Thursday! 

13 thoughts on “I don’t even know what this means! 

  1. Trump tweeted early today that UC Berkeley should lose its federal funding if they can’t embrace free speech and seceral points of view. I’m down with that.

  2. The rioters dressed in black and wearing masks belong to a group called Antifa (?). I saw interviews of many Berkeley students who unhappy about Antifa’s violence

  3. As long as the administration sees fit to determine what speech is considered unacceptable, the university will continue to be a safe space and not a university.

    From a Berkeley administrator:
    Using speech to silence marginalized communities and promote bigotry is unacceptable. Hate speech isn’t welcome in our community.

  4. The Hollywood iddiots are all in for #RESISTANCE, with a capital R.

    Judd Apatow tweeted he supported the violence at Berkeley then deleted the twee.

    Debra Messing takes the cake

    The stupidity is endless.

  5. This protest did more to broadcast Milo’s message than his talk would have done.
    I wonder if the fact that Alexander Soros, a PhD candidate at that school, has anything to do with last night’s events?

    1. I know Alex. He was in the same class (and by that I mean grade!) as our youngest. He was not a bad kid but most definitely ignored by his parents. He was pretty much raised by the staff. My kids will tell you Alex threw great parties in the sports complex building at the house on Cantitoe. George’s wife then, Susan, who was head of Bard, hosted a few events at the main house I went to. I can’t remember who Alex’s mom is though. I don’t think it is Susan. I do know he’s become quite the political philanthropist and I am sure the family marching orders don’t include any checks to conservative groups.

    2. PS: Milo is going to be on Tucker Carlson tonight. Agree the protests have given Milo more publicity than his Twitter days telling Ghostbusters Leslie a thing or two.

        1. Thinking for ourselves? What a novel concept.

          Do you know what Milo talks about in his college tour speeches?

          I don’t read Breitbart myself but are they really FAR right? I think the mainstream media wants that to be so they make it so.

        2. I think he just talks about current events through the prism of a libertarian (not a horrid “right winger”). He probably explains it better on his interview with Carlson (in which he has a slightly optimistic view of the outcome of all this). Because all of their ideas are bankrupt, the left can only use threats and violence as tools of persuasion.
          By the way:

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