Beyoncé, and Other Unimportant Stuff

Yes, breaking news today that Mr. and Mrs. Carter are expecting twins. This is Beyoncé’s subtle announcement photo. I’m not sure what she’s trying to tell us with that pose. Do you? Many have been quick to suggest they name the twins Bill and Hillary. Ha.

Second yes, this guy is for real, his name a hoot, and was signed by Illinois State. As you might imagine #KobeBuffaloMeat is trending on Twitter.

This look means Ma, yes, I am hungry so please get up and feed me, now! 

This is plain and simply funny, period.

Trump Derangement Syndrome hits Hoarders….I don’t have a clue what The Donald Trump of Hoarding is…he hoards gold faucets?

I love kitchens that work even when they are small. Perfect apartment kitchen to my eye.

On my to-do list – this is so pretty and I can’t kill it, a plus!

From the Travel Show, looking up at the Jacob Javitz Center…

This house. Dream when I win lottery.

Took the day to organize all the tax papers for the accountant. I learned last week that my accountant retired without (a) telling me personally in an email and (b) without the company for whom he works telling me in an email that Jim retired. Poor form. I only learned of his retirement when I called him and someone else answered. I’m happy for Jim he has retired (age 75, he deserves time with his grandchildren) but the relationship with an accountant is like one with a doctor. It’s personal. Jim knew so much about me, the kids, what I wanted to save for. He does the kids taxes too. I can’t imagine starting over with a new accountant but I don’t see doing them myself. I COULD I suppose, but walking into Jim’s office with all the paperwork he needed and showing up a few weeks later with news of the tax damage owed, it was easy.

I’m reading hot off the wire that Tillerson has been confirmed, despite the circus antics of a few Dems. DeVos is having a harder time, two “Republicans” voting no. Maine’s Collins and Alaska’s Murkowsi. Not sure why anyone would vote no for more school choice.

That’s it from here today. Hope you had a good one.

9 thoughts on “Beyoncé, and Other Unimportant Stuff

  1. I vote Beyonce and Jay Z name the twins Barack and Michelle.

    The small kitchen is what my first house kitchen looked like. Narrow galley style but I loved it. easy to keep clean and I knew I couldn’t have ten of everything.

      1. I didn’t like their poses either. I guess I’m way too old for seeing the merits of putting a naked pregnant body on the cover of a magazine. Pregnancy is grand and the body is beautiful but….

        At least Beyoncé was clothed. It wasn’t the pose so much as it was the “artistic” approach. The flowers. The veil. Pretty funny.

  2. How was the travel show? Did you go to the boat show too?

    Beyoncé has a certain come-hither look but with the veil, also trying to look like a nun? It’s not how my wife told me she was pregnant.

    1. Travel show was meh. It got so crowded at one point you couldn’t maneuver the aisles. Couldn’t figure out the profile of the attendee. Lots of empty nesters but no one looked particularly well-heeled. No top tier brand travel companies represented but maybe that’s on purpose to give the little guy a chance. I can see that. Some experts giving talks. Some talent from a specific region. I wouldn’t go again.
      We thought about the boat show but the line was long to get same day admission without pre-registering. We passed.

    1. Betsy is hanging on by a thread but as I understand it, Pence can vote as the decider for her to get the nomination. I’m hearing that Murkowski voted no because during her run in Alaska, she used a lot of money from the NEA to win. They called in that chit. DeVos would be a game changer to fight the union stranglehold on the schools. I hope she gets in too.

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