My Latest Obsession: Atlas Obscura

About a month ago, CBS Sunday Morning had a segment on the authors of a book called Atlas Obscura. 

The book and the websiteinspiring equal parts wonder and wanderlust, Atlas Obscura celebrates over 700 of the strangest and most curious places in the world.

Like this…
Q’eswachaka Rope Bridge
Keshwa chaca, among the last handwoven Incan bridges, crosses Apurimac Canyon in Peru

To something a little closer to home…
Hess’ Triangle sits on the ground outside of a cigar shop on the corner of Christopher and 7th Avenue, NYC.

If I were twenty-something, I think I’d make it a bucket list to see every last one of these obscure places. Right up my curiosity alley. Maybe right for you too Martha, something that you and the boys can research and find things along your North-South-Sweden journeys?

There are currently 244 items listed on the NYC  alone and maybe maybe maybe, I’ve been to five. Shocking, here I thought I was well versed on all things NYC.

Shall we pool our photographic and travel resources and see how many places we can visit and profile here?

26 thoughts on “My Latest Obsession: Atlas Obscura

  1. We’d be very happy to help in seeing and photographing places. How does it work? We get to pick the destination? You send us the airfare and put us on retainer? I’ll take Australia. 🙂

      1. An odd mix – worked in one building, my bank branch was in another, Berlin Wall outside my lawyer’s office, went to a wedding at the Synagogue/art space, had a drink at three of the bars, financed the apartment building built around the Roosevelt Hospital operating theatre, my math son given a membership to the math museum by his godmother. Brought back lots of memories connecting to those places

  2. If my trust fund would ever kick in, I’d do that thing of photographing abandoned places (old power plants, industrial facilities, mansions (mostly mansions). There is something about places that were built with great promise, but, lost their purpose. Here’s a chateau that is rediscovering its purpose:

    1. There’s a website dedicated to just that- photographing abandoned buildings. I’ll have to find it. There’s something so appealing about abandoned places. They do have a vexing call. God knows there are thousands of abandoned manufacturing plants and thousands of abandoned barns. A hundred years ago I toured an abandoned hotel complex in St. Maartin but the best was an illegal entry into the abandoned Franconia College. Time Warp Redux. Posters still in the wall. Announcement of classes. We climbed in through a loose window board. I’ll look for photos.
      I like how you plan to spend your trust fund! Allocation approved.

      The website that I was thinking of, Preservation in Pink, is more than just abandoned buildings – she photographs lots of architecture but has a section called Abandoned Vermont. I followed her blog for a few years then lost touch. It’s worth taking a look.

      Still looking for the Franconia College pix online. I have some of my own, alas, taken with a film camera so the photos and the negatives are in Box #28776, marked Miscellaneous, and shoved in a corner of the attic over the garage. So much for that.

        1. Given her comments, yes! To her credit, I was thankful that she and The Wizard opened their vastly vast estate to veterans groups for rest and relaxation. I still don’t know whether they got the airstrip built on the property so that mom and dad, flying in from San Francisco, could just take a private plane, versus flying into that awful Philly airport.

        2. Funny, very very funny.

          You wonder if she woke up one day and said Bunny, go forth and create mayhem on a blog. The Wizard seemed so unassuming, so normal, not any words I would use to describe Bunny. I believe she mentioned the Lynnewood house, as well as the estate of her famous and fabulously wealthy great great something outside Philly, Main Line?

        3. Well, I think her maternal great grandfather was a CEO of the Pennslyvania Railroad in the era when it was the big deal in transportation. The family mansion was located in one of those counties where all the swells planted themselves – but she never zeroed in on an exact location.

        4. Yes, and I was surprised. Her showboating was obnoxious (to the point of inauthenticity), yet, she captured quite an audience of admirers. I must admit, I know more about Hermès bangles than I would have otherwise.

          Not sure how she would have been received had CF been around, but, I believe he was off in CO with John on their last great adventure together.

        5. Your memory on the subject certainly says she made an impression. 🙂 Walt was the one who sent her packing. He has a way with words. Or had. His stuff of late has been mostly blech.

        6. Well, I know more about Hermes swimwear too!
          Actually, the most interesting thing about her appearance on the blog was that she knew nothing about Greenwich – either the town or the spirit. She said she’d vaguely heard of it from friends in Hartford – excuse me? GET THE F§§K OUT! Of course, I think The Wizard’s following of the madcap mayhem piqued her interest.

  3. She was briefly entertaining but she was out of her league.
    Atlas Obscura for Boston isn’t terribly obscure. I checked off more than half the boxes. I suspect most tourists would score well, too. I’ll have to find time and money to travel far and wide.
    On another note- What a tournament was the Aussie Open! Upsets, surprises and two weeks of incredible tennis. Doesn’t get my better.

    1. I didn’t look at any other US city other than NY so I’ll take your word that Boston’s locales aren’t very obscure. I see the website accepts places from readers. That’s when I think it gets interesting.

      Yes the tennis was incredible, making up for some very lame golf. I miss the days of Nicklaus and Arnie Palmer. Even Tiger’s prime days were fantastic. Today I barely know any of the players.

  4. I have, indeed heard of Atlas Obscura. We’ve even been to a few places. I looked for some interesting things to enhance our drive down, and was seriously thinking of stopping by this one : Various things, including The Crown, have lead to an impromptu interest in British history, and I originally thought this park was related to Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor…I was thinking, “gee! How scandalous! Not exactly appropriate, but ties in nicely…” Well, I figured out that it was a different family, and we skipped it. I’m sure we can find more interesting places.

    Funny, remembering bunny t. She kind of made me feel embarrassed for her. She definitely had some ego or insecurity issues. I hope she was able to work past it.

    1. I didn’t look through the list long enough to see if Florida is represented, or CT for that matter. I’m home today so I’ll do some more moosing.

      Funny how we women saw right through BunnyT and the men all had their tongues hanging out. So typical. 🙂

  5. I found Bunny T to be obnoxious….was glad Walt saw through all that…though i felt kinda sorry for The Wizard…once she left, he had to as well.

  6. Found your blog when cf was away with John
    Though i have never posted on cf blog…i saw the whole bunny t drama go down…lol

    1. Funny how she left such a major impression, on everyone. And by major I don’t necessarily mean good. Thanks for being a part of our motley crew!

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