So maybe Sharon Will Indeed Have The Last Say?!

In speaking with Sharon’s sister today, I was reminded that Sharon paid a hefty fee years ago to join the Alcor Foundation. Yep, that’s cryonics baby, as in frozen.

No ashes to ashes for her. No coffin into the ground. The lady is in Arizona for the foreseeable future, cooling her heels, waiting for science to undo the ravages the stoke did to her body and brain.

It’s not cheap. This tube costs a pretty penny.


I’d totally forgotten Sharon did this because it was something she told me so very long ago. But hey, her choice. Her call. Creepy to my way of thinking and I think even creepier for living family members to think of Sharon in that state.

I don’t mean to make light of Sharon’s death and her way of being preserved but I’d rather go out as toast than a popsicle. Ruh roh, did I really just say that??

Is it something any one of you would consider???? Not I.

16 thoughts on “So maybe Sharon Will Indeed Have The Last Say?!

    1. Good question. I wonder who IS responsible. It’s like a double obligation of pulling the plug. First if it happened at time of death and second if you must be the decider to thaw as the last surviving relative. No thanks.

  1. A belief in the resurrection does not hinge on technology. But there are those who will take your money for the service.

    In the Christian faith, we rely on the words of Jesus:
    John 6:40, ” For this is the will of my Father, that everyone who recognizes the Son and exercises faith in him should have everlasting life, and I will resurrect him on the last day.”

    So having relatives around is not a worry.

    1. Sharon was an atheist. She had no use for religion of any kind. She did believe in science though so I suspect this was her way giving God two thumbs down and science the upper hand. It’s amazing what good friends we were because there was very little we had in common. It never once stopped us from talking about everything. For that alone I’ll miss her the most. It’s harder and harder to find a common sense liberal.

    1. While not getting an official US Navy burial at sea, I’ve instructed my family to toss my ashes off Wasque Point, Chappy. Mr. EOS too but from his lifelong fishing rock in RI. If the tides are right, we figure we’ll meet again in the Georges Bank, kinda like a permanent Princess Grill Suite on the QM2, sailing across the Atlantic.

    2. PS: uh oh. This about Ted Williams. Yes, same place. Yikes!!!!!!!!

      Head of Ted Williams was abused by employees at Alcor Life Extension Foundation in Scottsdale, Ariz., whistleblower says. Workers at an Arizona cryonics facility mutilated the frozen head of baseball legend Ted Williams – even using it for a bizarre batting practice…

      1. Whistleblower, eh? I think you mean liar, profiteering off stolen photos, and loser in a court decision. Anyone who gives any credence to the lies in that exploitative book should visit Alcor and see the reality. We are all in this this together. No one would abuse a cryo patient.

  2. Hello from the sun! So sorry about your friend. How is Dawg?

    Frozen body is not for me. I think of death as simply changing your clothes. We are not our bodies, we are Spirits, simply having a temporary experience in a human body. For me, whatever happens with the body has to do with the people left behind. 💖

    1. Hello back. Glad to hear you are in Florida now, basking and relaxing. It’s actually “warm” here today too, such bright sunshine I had to close a shade to see the laptop screen.

      I am on the same wavelength you are about life and death.

      Dawg is fine but sleeping more. Almost too much.

  3. “You Only Live Twice….” Best wishes to Sharon, may she RIP.
    My corpse will be interred in the family plot in Valhalla. It’s also a stop on the Metro North railroad, and so whenever I pass by on the train from Grand Central, I can say “Here’s where I’m getting off!” 😉

    1. You won’t believe this but on the train into the city yesterday we slowed down quite a bit at the cemetery in Valhalla. Right there at the entrance was a huge shrink-wrapped stink boat. All you could see was her name. The Shocker. We moved before I could take a photo but I laughed out loud. It was probably a shocker to the spouse of the owner of the boat that he bought it in the first place. I wonder if it was being used as payment in kind for the plot and tombstone. 😬

  4. Long before The Big Lebowski showed up, I imagined having my ashes deposited in a Folgers coffee can and kicked off the side of some coastal road somewhere (never was much particular to be specific). Now, it looks like I’ll have to switch to some other brand.

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