I Knew it to be so before I heard it to be so

In the mail this weekend, a letter from the sister of my friend in NYC who had a stroke and went missing. She did indeed die.

I felt it in my bones that Sharon was dead. It’s odd how you can feel something so strongly, even without any proof, and find out later your instincts were right. If Sharon were alive, even compromised, she would be in touch with me. No way she’d remove the message from her answering machine. No way she wouldn’t text me back.

Come to find out that Sharon died a couple of months ago and the daughter was so distraught and unable to cope, she left mounds of unopened mail in the front hall, my letters included, saying please Sharon, if you can’t communicate, have your daughter call me. When I never heard back from snail mail, I told myself Sharon was gone.

I can’t quite wrap my head around Sharon being dead. She had a second massive stroke and the doctors were not able to save her. The sister suggested I call her today, to gab. I will. I can’t imagine what the daughter is dealing with. As I told you, Sharon was a single mother, raised a fabulous young woman but the two were very dependent on each other as they only had each other. Maybe too much so? Not for me to decide. It’s all moot now. I say at least I know Sharon is dead, for what that is worth. Not much. Sigh.



5 thoughts on “I Knew it to be so before I heard it to be so

  1. Never discount a woman’s intuition. You knew it to be so and your instincts were right. This story was bizarre from the get-go but let’s hope from here the daughter can find some peace. I feel badly for her.

  2. I agree with Jane’s comment. This story was strange as was the daughter’s behavior. But we are not to judge – who among us knows what we’d do in such a situation?

    1. That’s why I didn’t pursue talking to the daughter directly – or the step-son. This was their emotional battle and I didn’t feel it was my place to interfere, even though I was perplexed and dismayed at being held out of the loop.

  3. How heartbreaking for you not to have been able to attend her services, if they had one. I’m sure she is in a better place, but for you it must terribly upsetting. Thanks for sharing with us what must be a difficult situation. All you can do is pray for Sharon and her family now. Be thankful you were able to see her in NY and you did try your best to be a good friend.

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