A Strange but Timely Dream, Tennis, and the NY Travel Show

Up early early early to watch the Men’s Finals of the Australian Open. I won’t spill any beans if you aren’t awake as well but, whoa, it’s a good, really good match. Sitting on the edge of my seat kind of match!! Swanton, I know you are awake and watching. OMG! OMG! The last point, amazing.

My sleep brain must have known I was planning on heading into the city today to go to the NY Travel Show because I dreamed that I was flying to London from New York but that my flight had a long enough layover that I went swimming before I got into line to go aboard. I called family to say I was leaving on time but that I was being detained to watch a video on immigration laws (the timely part of my dream). The woman who was going to show me the video said I didn’t need to watch much since I was flying Business Class. We laughed. I started to watch the film but I realized I had to board the flight or I’d miss it so I ran to the gate and handed the attendant my ticket. He showed me to a long row of what looked like seats on a city bus, plastic, five or six across. I paused and said, I bought a Business Class seat.

The snippy male flight attendant got right in my face and told me I was lucky I got any seat, that I was the last to board the plane and I should have thought about that before deciding to go swimming.

I believe it was at that point in my dream I called him an ass****, got in his face right back and explained that I was late not because I went swimming but because there was a required video on the new immigration law.

He softened a bit but showed me to my row of bus seats and explained that I’d have use of twelve toilets. I guess that was a plus?? At that point, I woke up because I had to go to the bathroom! 🙂

Heading into the city on the train to the Jacob Javitz Center to the NYT sponsored Travel Show. Meeting up with one of the kids, the one who wants to plan a trip to Japan so that will probably be our focus. Me, I’d like to look at Oman, but now that five hard-core GITMO detainees just went to Oman, maybe I’ll look at The Maldives. India is still on my bucket list, but I was told I’d be going alone if that was my next big adventure. Maldives, yes.


Happy Sunday one and all.


9 thoughts on “A Strange but Timely Dream, Tennis, and the NY Travel Show

  1. A New York judge gets her fifteen minutes of fame by thinking she can block this immigration law? Obama did the same thing back in 2011 for six months but the media was too busy drooling over his NCAA brackets picks to notice. As far as I can tell, Trump has the law on his side.

    Did you see that California Chrome got beat yesterday?

    1. It was interesting how many people at the Travel Show were hovering around the Iran booth, and booths of other Middle Eastern countries. You know my sister and her husband went to Iran last year with the Met Museum and said it was so rich a culture they felt it was one of the best trips they’ve taken. I do wonder what will become of the art historians and museum curators who regularly travel in and out of Iran etc. I would hope their travel is not curtailed.

        1. I suspect we are about to be inundated with stories like this. Further, if either of us wants to rob a bank or murder another, now would be a good time because the media is on 24/7 immigration protest alert. It’s ugly what the media reports versus, you know, the truth!

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