Shuffling Shuffling Shuffling…Off to Buffalo

Louis Sullivan’s Prudential Guaranty Building was completed in 1896

Remember MONTHS ago when I was asked if a photo in my blog could be used in a permanent art exhibit? Yes, that was back in July of 2016. 

I said YES to the Dress then all communications went silent. I asked my long time friend Peter who lives in Buffalo to check it out for me and he looked two or three times and found nothing so he figured I had gone crazy. But that’s not a new theme of his – this is the same Peter who hates Trump (and also hated Hillary) and who has taken to regularly telling me Trump is going to take the country down the toilet.Before Trump, we pretty much agreed about most things in life but he, like many Trump haters, has gone to a dark place.

ANYWAY, I got an email this morning from the man who helped orchestrate the exhibit saying it’s open and ready for viewing, inside the building at The Prudential Guaranty Interpretive Center. 

The building was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1975. The Guaranty Building represents the pinnacle of Sullivan’s design and marks the beginning of the uniquely American style of architecture that influenced the young Frank Lloyd Wright, who worked for Adler and Sullivan from 1888 to 1893.


The only conundrum of the trip there is Peter. Do I tell him we are coming and would love to see him but please no politics? Do I sneak into town and not tell him we are there? We’ll just go up one morning and come back the next afternoon – one night stay at a downtown hotel.

I can’t imagine being in Buffalo and not seeing this dear old friend who I’ve known since the 1970s but I gotta say his lectures are tiring. I didn’t respond to the last email. Previously I’d answer, saying things like let’s agree to disagree or to each his own. Now I just click delete.

I think we’ll head up there one day next week – it all depends on who can care for Dawg and the house.

Happy Friday. Happy weekend, if there is such a thing without football. There’s golf! And tennis!

18 thoughts on “Shuffling Shuffling Shuffling…Off to Buffalo

  1. Having had to travel up to Buffalo for business once, I remember they are famous, and proud of, their wings, so be sure to get some while you’re there.

  2. Of course you should call him. Just tell him politics are off limits. A good friend will respect that. If he doesn’t, tell him from me he’s not doing justice to us good guys named Peter.

  3. Firstly, I hope Dawg is perking along after yesterday’s shocker?
    Tough question about the Peter ‘thing’. I think if you’re deleting emails, the answer is just go up to Buffalo and have a good time. There’s plenty of time later on to get back on track with ol’ Pete (you’ll know when you get that apology email).

    p.s. You mentioned Shia LeBoeuf and his weird antics in front of his webcam. Well, I’m sure you’ve heard he was arrested for assault. Other folks have found the webcam and starting adding their own thoughts:

    1. That video? OMG, I could play it a thousand times. Chelsea Handler, a drunken whore. Too too funny, and all true. Thanks.

      As for Shia, before I left Twitter, I saw the trending hashtag #FreeShia so I’m guessing there are more people who feel what he did and said was great. Hard to understand.

      How are you feeling about California wanting to secede from the USA? personally I can’t imagine it would ever happen, mostly because no Democrat could ever win the WH again without the 55 electoral votes from CA. I imagine the DNC might have a say in this.

      I plan to email Peter and tell him we are coming and let him decide if he wants to join us for any portion of it. What’s nice is that it is a short visit, one night – up and back.

      Dawg is fine today, albeit a little clingy. You want a feel good dog story? This one went viral yesterday, a woman who fostered a pregnant pit.

      1. Very ‘awww’ inspiring video – thanks!

        California will probably split into the six states before it ever secedes (this last election it was mostly red EXCEPT for the blue coast). The people promoting this idea are simply idiots. Sad to say the replacement for Barbie Boxer is as dumb as she is.

        Shia’s sell-by date is about the same as Colon Kaperdink. The free Shia thing is probably his buds waiting for Shia to whip out the Gold Card for freebies. This twitter just kills me, where the guy in back is doing the frog distress REEEEEEEEE sound as a troll (and in honor of Pepe):

  4. Great news but which of your photos is being exhibited? Hope they properly attribute it to you.
    Go ahead and tell your old friend you’re going to briefly be in Buffalo. Why? Because taking the high road is the right thing to do. As I get older I’m getting a little bit more tolerant of people who act like real jerks.
    However, I’m less and less tolerant of people who just won’t accept the results of the November election. Some of those people are friends who wrongly assume I agree with them. And, don’t get me started on sanctuary cities, either.
    Glad Dawg is feeling ok.

    1. The photo is one I took in the city years ago of glass circles in the sidewalk. This:

      They are crediting me, as my blog name, not my real life name. We talked about it at great length and that made the most sense.

      I did email Peter today. Nothing back from him but I suspect he will respond and be happy to see us and will skip the sermons on the mount. I agree about taking the high road but this assumes HE wants to be with us. I might plaster my car with huge Trump signs, just as a ninner-ninner. 🙂

      1. Ahhh NYC sidewalk vault lights. I remember that image. Glad to read that that Dawg is faring better. Be sure to have her checked for tick borne parasites at the next vet visit, not just Lyme disease, all of them.

  5. Forgot to add tennis. I woke up just in time to see the final set.Amazing stuff! Grigor’s one-handed backhand is splendid. Rafa looked like Rafa of old. Both looked awfully fit at the end of an almost 5 hour match. So many surprises and upsets in this tournament. You may not care for the Williams sisters but I’m happy to see a couple of old broads in the final.

    Haven’t watched any golf today. I know Tiger was 4 over yesterday

    1. Tiger missed the cut. I only saw about ten minutes of the tennis. Was on the phone a lot today.

      FYI for anyone who loves MTM show and gets the Sundance Channel – they are having a marathon tomorrow starting at like 6am.

    1. Yes, I DO still love the My Pillow! It’s remarkable how much better I sleep with it and I only use one pillow now whereas before I used two. When you feel it is seems so clumpy but honestly, it’s great.

      Yes, we’re glad Dawg is better too.

  6. Might want to check out the Weather Channel. Know Before You Go. Segment I saw at 6pm mentioned lake effect snows and Alberta Clipper in and around the Great Lake areas. Up to 2 feet. You want Buffalo wings that badly?

    1. Yes, I believe it was about a half hour AFTER I made the hotel reservations and bought tickets for the Martin House tour that I saw a similar dire forecast. The hotel res is cancelable. Not sure about the Martin House tour but at only $35 per Senior, if I lose that, I’ll be okay.

      As for wanting Buffalo Wings that badly….no answer.

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