I Think Dawg Had a Seizure this morning


She went outside normally. She ate normally, then as I was coming out of the bedroom, she in the hallway, she fell into a strange uncontrollable flop, disoriented, her legs unable to hold her, her body strangely contorted, and almost unable to hear me.

I was shaken so badly at her inability to move I began to cry. And I haven’t stopped crying. With Mr. EOS in RI today and me on the way out the door for an appointment I can’t change, I called Number One son to come over. I was crying so hard when I called him he was sure a human had died. But doesn’t everyone think their beloved dogs are human? We do.

He raced over here, both of us sobbing, but by the time he got here Dawg was fine. Out of the seizure. Playful, running to greet son, running after a bone to munch, as if nothing happened.

I didn’t know that dogs could have seizures but googling it, yes. We decided not to take her to the vet this morning, rather monitor her the rest of the day, call the vet and see what we need to know and go from there.

I’m drained emotionally and it’s not even 8:30am. Add that I stepped on a stinkbug, well, my day could be as dark as the winter sky, which looks like snow.

13 thoughts on “I Think Dawg Had a Seizure this morning

  1. With you Jane.
    My own ‘dawg’ loves to share your blog beside me….
    ….especially when you bring news of Dawg

    1. My best & last dog started having infrequent seizures when she was about 10. I was able to see the signs one was coming & would just sit on the floor with her & stay close by until they passed. We never discovered the cause but she lived another 5 yrs. It shakes you to the core. I’m with you.

  2. Very sad to hear this news…seizures are very frightening to witness and you feel helpless watching…i too cried when i was seeing this happen…i know two people who were able to stop their seizures by taking DHA ( omega 3 fish oil) …you can cut the pills( 8 oil pills) and squeeze out the oil and put it on a spoon or mix in small amount of food to make sure she gets it…it really works…need 3,000 mg of DHA …not the epa one….nordic naturals makes a MAX DHA you can order online or get at whole foods…the max dha has some epa in it which is ok but the main omega 3 you need is the DHA…
    Hoping this is the only one Dawg will ever have

  3. Sister’s dog had a seizure from licking paint chips from nearby house being scraped. Anything like that going on in your neighborhood? only happened once. Hugs to Dawg! Bibi

    1. No, not that i know of but I have been reading that poison is as common a reason for a seizure as a brain tumor. We’re going to leave it as a one-off seizure and if it happens again, we’ll see the vet.

  4. Have been reading your blog for ages (love it!) but have never commented. Until now.
    For 15 years my husband and I had miniature schnauzer litter mates. At around age seven they developed epilepsy. One having frequent petite mal seizures, the other less frequent grand mal.
    All vets advised against medication, arguing that it took years off their lives.
    So awful as it was at times, we learned to live with it. Ever so gentle pats and stroking, and soft, comforting words during episodes.
    I’m so sorry you and Dawg experienced that.
    Tolliver, our current shelter rescue mix says, “woof!” All will be well.

    1. First, thanks for being a regular reader. That is always appreciated. Always.

      And thanks for your thoughts and experience on dogs who have seizures.

  5. I am so sorry about Dawg and the scare that turned your morning upside down. And now I am very glad that the event seemed to pass. After reading the experience of Anonymous the future looks good for Dawg. Give him a loving pat from all of us!

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