Now is the time for all good Tweeters to come to the aid of their senses

To my own horror, I found myself checking Twitter before I went to bed last night and Instagram too when a light bulb went off in my little head that said Hey Dope, there are far better things to do with your time. Grab a book. Talk. Get outside for a walk.

So this morning I turned over a new leaf. I deep-sixed my Twitter and IG accounts, although IG makes you jump through an extra hoop of deactivating before permanently deleting so that task is not 100% done, just 95%.

Long story short, I found myself obsessing over the Trump Twitter haters and responding dumb stuff back. It was as stupid as it gets, I hated myself for it yet kept going back. I’ve never been addicted to anything before but I can honestly say I can understand the compulsion that comes over someone with an addiction. I’m done. Time for a clean slate.

I’ll keep blogging though because I find EOSredux a comfort, a peaceful and fun place – not all the hype and hate that takes place on twitter and on IG. IG photos of so many women proud to be a part of the March Saturday was too much for me. Women who are otherwise smart saying stupid stuff and wearing pink hats. I don’t get it.

I’m a Maggie Thatcher woman….

So with all my free time now, what should I do????

21 thoughts on “Now is the time for all good Tweeters to come to the aid of their senses

  1. Write a book! You have a great use of words and your writing style is one I envy. Make it a murder mystery.

    1. I definitely have a book or two in me. I’ve threatened more than once to pen a novel. My brother in law did, nothing that became a best seller but a book that sells on Amazon one or two every few months. I think he said he gets a penny a sale. 😬

  2. Create a start-up. I saw the CEO of Boxed on Fox Business today and he started in his garage, now his company is worth a fortune. You could do that.

    1. I’ve read about the Boxed CEO. What a success story. I’ve never used the Boxed service though. Have you?

      Who among us hasn’t dreamed of starting a business in the garage that becomes the next IPO dream. I have.

  3. You know where I stand on this. Blog on, but more outdoors.

    Consider you hit bottom with that empty bowl of spaghetti. If you’ve seen one dirty dish (for blogging purposes) you’ve seen them all. Sort of like photos of Melania. Oops, I broke the rule.

  4. Your contribution to amiable discourse among socially conscious friends holding dis-similar political and religious views is an important and valuable example, very needed at this moment.

    Your twitter account was an enforcement tool making mighty corporations shake in their boots. So I am sorry to see that go.

    Every time you threaten to shut down, I say “blog on.”

    I am going to follow your morning advice now, and stop reading. I’ll go outside for a lovely walk along the beach.

  5. We always learn from your Blog, so please keep that up. I never heard of Boxed, till this post, always something new w/ EOS!! Keep it going, drop the politics. Life is short …..

    1. That’s funny. It’s nice to know Mr. Scott’s life is as mundane as mine. I didn’t read it all the way through. Does he share with us his bathroom schedule? Is he regular? 🙂

      My conundrum. I am very political and my druthers would be to host a political blog and only talk about politics. I may end up doing that under another nom de plume. My EOSr readers, like EI and SB, and those who fled the scene who didn’t like my politics either, suggest I stick to pretty peectures.

      LSS, you are always welcome to discuss politics here and hey, if the leaving trend continues, it could be the EOS and Caelestis Dog and Pony Show. I’ll be the pony tho.

      1. The trouble with ALL politics is that all anything all the time gets pretty deadly. That’s why your blog and FWIW are so interesting – you never know whether the topic is algae blooms caused by global warming or that your toaster malfunctioned and everything comes out looking like George M. Cohan.

        Have you thought of graduating to a Disqus platform? I find that blocking people on FWIW (well, “Gil” specifically) is a low stress way to float through the comments.

        1. I suppose, for most people, ALL politics ALL the time might be deadly. Not for me. It’s not that I’d turn EOSr over to an all politics theme – if I went that route, I start another blog, Suzy Snark, and go from there. Not likely to happen but hey…

          My readers are pretty tame so I’ve never had a need to block anyone or even banish them to the spam folder. Disqus isn’t necessary for me. The big guys who use it say there are often idiosyncrasies and vagaries on the platform. As long as I stay at WP I’m fine They do an amazing job of sorting out spam.

  6. I enjoy your blog and check in most days. Loved Maggie Thatcher, she was the best thing that happened to the UK. Off to Cape Town tomorrow to visit #1 son :).

  7. Your blog makes my day! How wonderful that you can tear yourself away from the razzle dazzle of politics! Please, though, keep on giving us your wondrous visions of daily life!

  8. I could never understand the appeal of Twitter and always thought that tweets are for twits. Trump’s addiction to the medium both mystifies and annoys me. Instagram I kinda like though!

    1. I liked Twitter a lot actually, for the immediacy of news and response to news. I admit to missing it.
      I gave up IG too after Trump’s election because I got tired of seeing the pages full of protest signs. Ugh.

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