Go To Mail a Package. Leave with a Whole Lot of Attitude.

A simple chore. Mail a manila envelope. I ran into the Bedford Hills PO with my sealed envelope. I grabbed a Priority mailing label and began the search for a pen. I would have addressed it in the car with my own pen (yes, I keep one or two in my purse) but the envelope was Tyvek, making the surface shiny and impossible to write on with my pen.

There are two service desks in the Bedford Hills PO. The first one I looked at had no pen but at the table closest to the window, I spied with my little eye TWO pens, the tops of each wrapped in many layers of scotch tape so they would stay affixed to the beaded chain.

The table was occupied by a woman filling out several Registered forms and when I went over to the table she said the pen she was using was the only one of the two that worked. Why didn’t I use my own pen you might ask? Well, I ran into the PO with only my wallet, not my whole purse, so it would have meant going back out to the car and coming back in losing my place in the long line.

I waited patiently for the woman using the pen to finish and when she did, I started filling out my address label but two words into writing and the pen stopped functioning. My luck.


So I stood in line until my turn and explained to the Postal Worker woman behind the counter that I needed to use HER pen to finish my label. I explained that the pen at the desk stopped working.

Now here’s where she gives me a healthy dose of postal attitude. She said We don’t have to supply you with a pen… and refused to let me use hers.

I was taken aback, not only with her tone of arrogance but when I dared to question her, she got testy, to the point I worried my photo was being taken as a known agitator.

I said you DO supply pens at the desk and I am merely informing you that not one works. 

Her response: Others are in line behind you. Maybe one of them will have a pen to use. We are not in the business of lending you pens. 

Honestly, I didn’t know what to say. No one behind me spoke English (my assumption but in Bedford Hills that’s a reasonable assumption) so I opted to leave, with my tail between my legs after being told to find my own writing implement.

Since I was more than three-quarters of the way to Katonah, I left BH for the Katonah PO and a stop in the new DiCicco’s market. At the PO, there were five pens, the first one I picked up worked. There was no line. The postal employee who helped me was happy and pleasant. I was in and out in one minute.

Now, please tell me why that postal employee in Bedford Hills is allowed to keep her job? I’d give her the axe but I’m sure her federal job is hers for life, no matter what she says  to customers.

I’m sitting at home now waiting for a storm that I doubt will come to fruition. It’s warm as all get out and not one ounce of wind. No rain yet either. Last week when I heard we were in for a major storm today, I cancelled a hair appointment I made for 9am. Oh well, that frees up my day to…………..go to a movie?

Happy Monday!

From EarthImage: that nor’easter? It’s a’coming!!! Whoa!!! 

5 thoughts on “Go To Mail a Package. Leave with a Whole Lot of Attitude.

  1. I was similarity chastised for asking for a small piece of tape because my envelope ripped. I was told I could buy a whole roll of tape. Otherwise, no.

    I’m back home after an exhausting week+ in California with my overly-sullen son and his wife, so traumatized by the Trump inauguration they had to get away. I’m not pleased that I raised a snowflake. His late father would take him to the woodshed.

  2. That nor’easter is expected to clobber the east facing coastline of MA tonight and tomorrow morning. It’s raw and nasty now but the worst is ahead. But, hey, it’s rain not snow.
    I’m not a believer in global warming but I can attest to sea level rise in these here parts.

  3. Congrats to you for leaving that Nasty Woman at P.O. & not creating a scene. She has to live with herself… can not go to katonah

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