Calm Before the Storm

ConEd texted me to Be Prepared for tomorrow’s nor’easter, high winds et al. I’m always ready, thanks to being a Girl Scout and a GS leader. Propane tanks full for generator. Fridge full. Dawg food in. Bring it on.

Alternately, I’m doing the weekend WSJ puzzle, gagging at all the post-Women’s March photos with trash left behind for men to pick up, and wondering why the leaders of the March have not publicly denounced Madonna. Oh well.

Now, as for the calm. All brought to you by The Country Boy CosHarbour.

Country Cabin with a vista to far away Catskills….

Country cabin and an ATV…

Country Cabin Front yard….

Country Cabin fixer upper…

Country cottontails….

Cottontails and ice….

I’m coveting the cabin, the view, and the calm. Gorgeous CH, and thanks for sharing.

Happy Sunday. Go Patriots????

13 thoughts on “Calm Before the Storm

  1. It’s the calm before the storm here along the coast. Gray, windless afternoon. By this time tomorrow things should be heating up for a very nasty evening of gales and rain.
    Why ‘Go Patriots???’ and not ‘Go Pats!!!’ when you know Quarterback Tom backed Trump? I’m not a football fan but I will root for the home team tonight.

    1. I used the ?? to save a little face for the Giants fans among us. In my heart I will be rooting with !! for the Pats.

      Good luck tomorrow. I hope the storm blows over quickly.

  2. I can’t comment on the sports… knowledge at all.

    What’s with the storm talk? Is it because you’re slightly north? All I’m hearing about is some rain. Lots of running around on my schedule tomorrow….🤔

    That view is great. Just the other day I drove past some country clipboard (golf course) in Greenwich, and started pining for a view with lots of sky. 1.3 acres and a lovely home in Greenwich is not to be sneezed at, but we are surrounded by trees and shrubs, which are great for privacy, but does not a big sky make.

    1. I only know that the Town and ConEd has been sending alerts as to the possibility of high winds and rain. Whether it actually comes to fruition is anyone’s guess.

      I think view is the be-all end all. I don’t have a view in Bedford and I hate feeling trapped. Of course, RI does offer 180 degree views, for now. Another old house is on the market which will be torn down the minut the sale goes through – 180 might do gown to 90.

      Once I sell NY, I’d take the smallest house on the land with the best view.

  3. O/t. I just signed both boys up for nearly 3 weeks of sleep away camp (1 time for both, plus another week at the end of summer) and I can’t stop hyperventilating!

    1. I replied to your map comment last night (or thought I did) but I must have forgotten to click the post button.

      Camp, glorious camp. I can remember so well the joy of putting the kids on the bus to camp. We dropped them off at the rest stop in Darien and waved goodbye with incredibly huge smiles on our faces. They loved camp too so it was a win-win. How far afield are the boys going?

      1. About 2.5 hours into the Catskills. Seems like a decent distance–far enough that I won’t go check (spy!) on them and close enough to get there if necessary. I’ve noticed we could use a bit of “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. We never have a break to appreciate each other. They have a good amount of freedom in choosing their activities, food and hygiene (boys!!), and I’m going to have to set my mind on letting go. My goal is to get myself comfortable before they leave, so I can enjoy the alone time with husband. 😎

    1. It’s remarkable to me that no one in the event, no one in the media even dares to mention that Sansour is quite the loud advocate of Sharia law. Wake up women. Wake up now.

      1. I suppose it would be counter to their solidarity to bring up ‘details’ like that.
        Anyway, this is too nice a post with great pics to fret over the mind-numbing stupidity of the world.

        1. There’s always tomorrow to discuss mind numbing stupidity. The NYT is releasing details of a lawsuit to impeach Trump. David Brock was holed up in Florida with fellow anarchists to plot Trump’s take down. Ugly is getting real.

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