I Guess I’m too Old and Stupid to Get this #WomensMarch Thing

I’m not in Washington DC today or in any city for that matter that is hosting a Women’s March.

I can’t even begin to figure out what it is they are marching for. It seems like they are marching against everything but as I said, I’m old and stupid, so please help me out.

Let’s start here. This poster. Is this a lesbian thing or is she asking us to emotionally embrace each other by fully understanding each other? Got me.

Then this. I’m utterly clueless what this poster means. I do get the sense she’s not a Trump fan tho. 🙂

This…all the men in my family are quality and I feel pretty equal, so what men does this woman know? Few, I bet.

Of course, for real answers to what this march means, all quality women get their answers from Vox. (I jest!). Vox is hands down the stupidest platform and has earned the name Vox-speak for trying to get across a point. And that’s NOT a compliment.

What on earth is intersectional feminism?? Is that women sitting between two sectional sofas?

I repeat. I am too old and stupid to get why hundreds of thousand of women (some in my sisters family are there, the whole weekend!) want to march. Do they honestly think Trump will reverse Roe v. Wade? He’s said it’s the law of the land. I think women who want abortions are safe. Do the marchers think the federal government should fund Planned Parenthood? I don’t. Let Meryl Streep fund it.

Thankfully I can stay home and bury my head in the sand and be thankful I am not a feminist. If you are at one of the marches and can enlighten me, by all means do.

6 thoughts on “I Guess I’m too Old and Stupid to Get this #WomensMarch Thing

  1. The people who are the happiest about today’s march are the knit shops who sold pink wool. I heard almost every store was sold out.

    Let them march. I expect they will be peaceful and maybe they’ll feel better about themselves after airing their grievances, whatever their mixed message grievances are.

  2. After decades of emotional arguments substituted for rationality, and catch phrases in place of empiricism, these “women” actually believe they are making a statement. Unfortunately it has the feel of a bunch of grade schoolers protesting to get pizza on the lunch menu.

    I personally believe President Trump was glad these types skipped his inauguration. It’s akin to all the ants getting together and saying they were boycotting picnics.

  3. I’m with you: HUH??? Guess they just need to release all of the BILE consuming them after the anointed one was denied her (media) pre-ordained reign.

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