Dawn of a New Day

Photo by EarthImage**, Greenwich CT
Those of us who are pretty faithful Republicans wondered if we’d see another R in office as President ever again. It sure didn’t look like it was possible, the long road of the primary season for the Rs left many wondering where the Rs dug up such a motley crew.

The Ds had already bought the coronation crown for Hillary and were baiting Bernie to run “in opposition” to her candidacy. He took the bait and ended up starting a movement. Or so he thought until it was revealed the HRC team were planning on tripping him up all along. Oh well, Bernie got a summer house on the lake in VT for his efforts to make the contest look real.

Our family was divided from early on. Some Kasich voters. A couple of early Jeb Bush fans. Even a Ted Cruz voter. To be honest, no one raised a hand for Trump right off the bat.

Then the tide changed. The Rs were dropping off the primary cliff five at a time. Trump kept pounding away, gathering steam and gathering a much bigger following.

Our family one at a time started becoming Trump believers. Some slow at making the move, perhaps trying to justify Trump in their own minds. My sister was then a Kasich fan, even voting for him in the NYC R primary.

For me, Trump became viable as I saw how many voters went out in droves to his events. They wanted someone to speak for them, as he called them, the invisibles, the forgottens.

And speak he did. Sometimes he stuck his foot in his mouth, sometimes he was unpolished, but overall, no matter how badly he might have spoken, voters understood he wanted something better for them. Trump was in this for the American people, not for his own glory.

Fast forward to today, Inauguration 2017. Did I think it would happen? No. Am I thrilled? Yes. Am I worried a bit that Trump can’t carry off all his huge plans? Yes. Am I optimistic about a new America? Yes yes and yes. I’m ready to be done with identity politics. I’m ready to be done with the Democratic elite. I’m ready for us Deplorables to run this place.

I plan to watch most of the day’s events. Pop in  for a comment or two on how you see the day going and how you are feeling, good or bad.

PS: *** EarthImage’s beautiful photo in this post is not how he envisioned it would run but it was so beautiful and matched my headline, I am running it in the Trump Inauguration thread without his permission. I trust he understands.


The Jackie O look.  

    Hillary and Bill arrive. 

    That look from Michelle! 

    20 thoughts on “Dawn of a New Day

    1. I’m spending the glorious morning watching the liberal ‘splody talking heads try and keep it together. In true Morning Joe disrespectful fashion, they are all in blue jeans trying to figure out how exctly Trump won. Mike Barnicle is about to cry. Best day ever.

    2. I’m anxious about the protesters. They are a well funded group and are hell-bent on making today not great.

      1. It is gorgeous. Gloves to match. Very Jackie.
        I heard Ralph Lauren said he would dress her. Whether he did and designed that suit, I don’t know. I only know she wasn’t wearing Tom Ford sunglasses yesterday. 😂

    3. The last time Trump was GREAT was completing the Woolman Skating Rink.
      Here is a chance to be GREATER.
      All I can say……God speed him on his journey

    4. Photo context: Dawn at Greenwich Point 7:25 am looking at Eaton’s Neck and 4 smoke stacks.

      Best meme of the day: Michelle’s eyes say it all.

      1. Your husband is 100%. Let’s verbalized what good will come from political change.
        Just saying that the past is bad does not explain anything.
        I’m getting rid of this old clunk of a car.
        I’m getting a new Chevy, baby blue, that will get me to work on time. My boss will probably give me a raise.

      2. We had mixed takes on the speech. I loved it, thought it was the right tone and message. Mr. EOS liked the message but felt it was the wrong venue to diss both Bush and Obama to their face.

        WaPo, NYT, NBC et al called the speech “dark”. So they got the memo. Hey boys, we’re going with dark, okay? No chance in hell the next four-eight years that the media will give Trump one benefit of the doubt. But like his campaign, he ran against the overwhelming tide against him, both R’s and D’s, and won. I hope he can get a lot done, in spite of the media.

      1. I read criticism of Melania that she didn’t smile enough, that she was like a robot or seemed unhappy. Can’t make everyone happy.

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