My family had a good laugh over this

I am the Queen of leaving shoes all over the house – I take them off where I come in the house. I take them off in the kitchen. I take them off in the breakfast room. I take them off everywhere and leave them messily strewn.

My family likes to bring this failing to my attention, telling me one day I’ll trip on them – they often do. I know because I can hear the huge sigh.

Well, payback’s a bitch.

Carrying a full mug of hot coffee from the kitchen to the breakfast room, to plop down and watch the news on a comfy loveseat, I tripped over a shoe, my shoe, only one, and the entire mug of coffee went up and out – all over the slipcovers, all over the floor, all over the little end table, all over the pad of paper with today’s to-do list.

Even Dawg laughed out loud! See Ma, maybe next time you put your shoes away!?! Duly noted Dawg. Lesson learned, the hard way.

Thankfully the slipcovers came off easily and washed out perfectly so no real harm – just a waste of good coffee!

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