See EOS Read. Read EOS Read.


That time of year boys and girls – get out your book recommendations for our annual Caribbean vacation.

Three I have stacked to pack already…

  1. Hillbilly Elegy (yes, I know I’m probably the only one on the planet who hasn’t read this yet).
  2. The Reporter Who Knew Too Much, the story of the mysterious death of the TV panelist Dorothy Kilgallen
  3. The Vanishing Year, a suspense thriller, my favorite genre

One more I ordered this morning at Amazon, thanks to the recommendation by Sound Beacher.

Elephant Company.

We’ll be on vacay ten nights so I can easily read five books. Mr. EOS too, so throw us some suggestions.

Rainy but warm day. I’m making something in the slow cooker today, photos to come.



18 thoughts on “See EOS Read. Read EOS Read.

  1. A Torch Kept Lit, compilation of over 50 eulogies written by William F Buckley, edited by James Rosen, from WFB syndicated columns, from National Review, from public and private memorial services. Great history, great writing, you’ll have it done in a day so you can knock off 6 books in 10 days.

    1. I read that book and did like it very much.

      How do you handle what the boys want to read? Do they have free reign to pick out what they want at the library or bookstore? Are there subject matters you keep them from?

      1. That’s tough. I prefer to give them free reign. And I definitely let them choose the subject, although I have noticed the distinct lack of anything happening when we have Calvin & Hobbes books in the house–or comics in general. They will hole up and read those for days on end. Luckily, I found math that is delivered via graphic novel!😁

        I have run into a few issues, though. Last year, for instance, as my son was just getting into botany, I started listening to “The Signature of All Things”. (Another highly recommended. ) and, he was fascinated with the moss studies and Philadelphia topography. Fortunately, I felt it was getting steamy and switched to reading it and told him it was getting boring. I do try to encourage them to read books that somehow enrich their lives, verses mind numbing “twaddle”. That can be difficult to sort out, though. Harry Potter-yes, Hunger Games-no. Many websites give parent guides for movies, tv and apps…someone should do it for books. Common Sense Media does some, but they don’t do many of the classics. Who will tell me if The Deerhunter is appropriate for an 11 year old? It turned out to be overly wordy and boring.

        I also try to avoid too much graphic, non historical violence, romance and foul language.

    1. I have read one O’Reilly Killing, Killing Reagan. Okay but his style of writing is not for me. The Eisenhower book has gotten excellent reviews. Have you read it? Should I get it?

      1. I happened to hear Bret Baier on Rush Limbaugh today. His book sounds fascinating. It is now on my list. Also on my list is to stop at Diane’s Books and find some audiobooks for the looong drive to Florida.

  2. Good vacation beach reads:
    The Nest, it’s on a lot of lists of good books; about a family and the inherited “nest egg”
    The Vacationers by Emma Straub. About another family dynamic when they go on vacation to Majorca, Spain. Just read it on my Florida vacation, perfect chick lit for ya.
    Our book club just read “News of the World” by Paulette Jiles. It’s a very lovely meandering story.

  3. The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafron. Fabulous, for both of you. It’s a trilogy, set in Barcelona in the horrors of the Franco days. Sequel is the Angel’s Game, and third, really wonderful, is The Prisoner of Heaven. I’ve recommended these to so many, to universal raves. Mystery, thriller, love story- Zafron is a master storyteller. Bibi

      1. Long. Original plan was to take it slow and easy, with two day stop in Smyrna Beach and 5 days on Amelia Island where we’ve not been before. Due to discomfort from injuries and prebooked week in Palm Beach canceled those plans, delayed departure, and took the trip in 3 days, straight down i-95. Fought the storm most of first day.Car looked like it had gotten lost in a blown-in insulation plant. Palm Beach was interesting- Flagler Museum, Breakers, drive-by Kennedy place-meh. Scarsdale on the sea. So happy to be in Sanibel where life is so relaxed, there’s plenty of nature, the roads are two-lane, and the beach isn’t wall-to wall mile-high condos. And yes, the sun is shining! Bibi

  4. did you read ‘The Boys in the Boat’ about the 1936 olympic rowing team. Very good read.
    also ‘Hate mail from cheerleaders’ Rick Reilly. Its a compilation of the articles he wrote for Sports Illustrated. Funny

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