Pardon Me, Can You Spare a Dime for a Sex Change Operation?


Obama pardons Bradley aka Chelsea Manning. 

I’ll also link you to the WSJ article but if you aren’t a subscriber you can’t get through their pay wall, hence the first link to CNN, who I am sure, will find this pardon the best thing since peanut butter.

The readers at the WSJ aren’t so happy, two of the best comments are:

>Words cannot describe how disgusted I am by this piece of filth in the White House.

Valerie, is there anything else I can do to harm the nation before I leave office?

My take is Obama is showing how much he really hates our military. Because of Manning’s actions, people died. How does that deserve a pardon?? One wonders if now Manning now has to pay for his/her own sex change, which prior to the commutation, was going to paid for by you and me.

I am sure these last three days we’ll get nauseated daily with his list of people worthy of his pardon. Any bets on Hillary?

3 thoughts on “Pardon Me, Can You Spare a Dime for a Sex Change Operation?

  1. You’re surprised by this pardon? You shouldn’t be. This was as much about Manning’s sex conversion, Obama’s nod to his LGBT fan base, than it was about any Wikileaks crime.

  2. Seems Obama still has concerns. Jackass.

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