A Slow Cooker Kind of Day

Recipe from The Kitchn Slow Cooker Chicken Tikka Masala 

Onions, garlic, fresh ginger, tomato paste, grated ginger, smoked paprika, garam masala….

Stir into the crock pot of cut up chicken thigh pieces that have been earlier marinated in yogurt.

Set it for four hours. Add a touch of cream about 15 minutes before the timer goes off. Cook some basmati rice. Yay! This pot will last all week. Cook one day, eat leftovers the rest.


Ta da. Finished product, topped with cilantro and after I took this photo, I may or may not have added a dollop of sour cream.  😂Sitting on bed of rice. 

14 thoughts on “A Slow Cooker Kind of Day

  1. Have to bake some naan bread to go with it. #1 son might be eating a lot of that next year – he got into Oxford. They served chicken korma in the college hall when he was there for his interviews in December.

      1. He has time to wait to decide until he hears from the others in March. But having this in the bag makes the two months much more bearable – for me anyway!

    1. There is lots of admissions info on the Oxford web site. Your final ranking depends largely on your aptitude test score (there are different tests for different courses) and your performance in the interviews. Also need to plan your strategy for taking AP classes so you can hopefully have the three you need for your course done before the interviews. My son was very lucky to have a math teacher who is an Oxford grad so she could write a good reference knowing their system and prep him for the interviews which are quite tough.

    2. Martha, as you look down the road, to an age where the boys might need AP classes, do you think you will put them back in a school environment, or do you feel you can accomplish their academic needs for getting into college while continuing homeschooling?

      1. Oxford will also take SAT IIs in lieu of AP classes if that is better for you. Key is to make sure that the tests line up with your course. My son applied for the joint math & computer science program. He did AP Calculus, Physics and Computer Science so those aligned well with his course. He also did the Math 2 and Physics SAT IIs. There isn’t a Computer Science SAT II, so I’m not sure what we might have done for a third SAT II (don’t think they would have really cared about his US History score). Chemistry maybe? For US schools, you should be good with just SAT/ACT and the SAT IIs.

      2. Thanks, Mr Broad.

        EOS, I’m hoping we can do it wothought a school setting. There are so many online options now, and you can even take college courses for high school credit. My middle schooler just started an online class on Socratic discussion…he will be in next weeks class from the backseat of a Volvo on I95 vi wifi! In his sophomore year, I’m planning to send him for a semester to The Island School in the Bahamas http://www.islandschool.org/new-index/#education We will be able to pop across for a day trip if necessary, or just for fun! One of the best parts of homeschooling is the freedom students have to develop a passion and go deep. It can be a real test for me (yes, my parents named me aptly, I like to be perfectly prepared and in control, ahem, Jesus🙏), letting go is tough. Meaning letting go of learning a little about a lot (standard in school–wide and shallow) in favor of focused and deep.

        1. Martha, you have my utmost respect. Homeschooling is an extraordinary option for those parents and students who can make it work. I have no doubt your children will look back on your devotion to provide them such a broad education and thank you profusely. I love everything about you, your zest for life, your curiosity for your children. Brava!!

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