The Blahs


I usually feel so invigorated during the winter – I love the cold, I love the snow, I love most everything about winter….so why do I have such a case of the blahs?

Maybe it’s post-election blues, having to suffer through the last of everything Obama does – the last speech is tonight, and yes, I will watch. As my mother said, it’ll be one minute of his accomplishments and 59 minutes of bashing Trump. She’s probably right but I’ll keep an open mind and listen intently.

I’m bummed we haven’t left for North Carolina yet but now it doesn’t seem to make much sense. I’m heading down to Delaware soon then pretty soon we’ll be off to Jamaica. So perhaps the shores of NC will wait until spring?

I’m watching some of Jeff Sessions’s confirmation hearing and gotta say I’m really impressed. He’s answering every question thrown at him, quickly, openly, honestly. He seems to have support across the board, even Senator Blumenthal from Connecticut heaped lots of praise on Sessions . He’ll get confirmed easily I predict.

Then, there’s my sister, lecturing me on why the Meryl Streep rant was a home run and why Trump is so evil. Okay, to each her own, but I don’t need to be scolded over and over for my point of view.

Dawg is even restless and sensing it’s winter. She’s not outside as much as she normally is.

Soooooooooooo, this is a long winded way of saying I’ve got nothing to blog about. Not a single thing. Sorry.

12 thoughts on “The Blahs

  1. Well, I think those of us Trumpers are now succumbing to PTSD. Not surprising after all the bashing we’ve gone through. Cum Sa….one day at a time. Let’s be cheerful!

    1. Jane, I’m trying to be cheerful but the mainstream media doesn’t want it to happen. They will make Trump’s life miserable for the next eight years. I’m watching Trump’s presser now.

  2. An empty bowl of spaghetti said it all with your lens.

    The Sessions hearing should get a few juices flowing.

    1. I enjoyed the Sessions hearing. I thought the questions were good, his answers good. The current Tillereson hearing is not going to be so easy, for Tillerson. The questions are not questions, they are harangues by the Democratic senators, namely Cordin from Maryland.

      1. I listened to Tillerson and was impressed. Of course, I was waiting for “What’s good for Exxon-Mobil is good for the Country!”

        1. Ha ha.

          I was the most impressed just now listening to the aide to Jeff Sessions. After a few black senators saying a vote for Sessions was a vote for bringing back picking cotten, his long time aide, also black, spoke eloquently and with heart about the Sessions he knows. He called out Booker as a hypocrite that he is. Good.

  3. I have a new rule at my house, especially for friends and relatives of my wife that we are giving things to in order to find a home for what we can of our furnishings.


    On Sunday, I was subjected to the most bizarre but well meant musings from a truly lovely and intelligent couple picking up things from our house who are off organizing, calling our so called elected representatives, petitioning, etc about the Trump inauguration. Something about Nancy Pelosi and Bernie Sanders say such and such. ARE YOUR F****ING KIDDING ME? THESE ARE YOUR ROLE MODELS? I thought. I changed the topic. I think they got the drift.

    Next weekend, on their way back from marching in some protest in NYC, come the in-laws picking up things for their daughter’s new house. It could get ugly here if my rule is violated. These being the same people who would be tsk tsking if Trump’s deplorables did the same thing if Hillary won. Not respecting the democratic process, etc.

    Move update: Both people we asked for mover recommendations who recently went south both hated their movers, neither of whom I’d heard of before. I scheduled an appointment with the local United Van Lines rep, who so far I am impressed with and who gets great reviews on Yelp and Goggle, and we are set for Jan 26 pack, Jan 27 load, and 5am departure for Mrs. RDW and I and dog and two cats to points south on Jan 28. Initial furniture at the new house will probably be the four patio chairs we are taking, plus an Amazon supplied temporary bedframe and a Caspar mattress.

    1. Today was indeed a rather blah day. I’m sorry I haven’t commented more–life happens. Thanks for posting my octopus pictures.

      RDW, I’ll wave to you on I95. We are leaving on the 25th, with stops in Philadelphia, Baltimore, arriving at our south Florida local on the 28th🌴

        1. Yeah, hubbys office is in Philadelphia (cough Trevose cough), so we stop there for a night and my little guys orthopedic surgeon (he is missing one bone in a leg) is in Baltimore, so we have an annual visit there. The husband is usually working, so I end up doing most of the driving during daylight hours. We are aiming for mid NC after Baltimore and then one beach day near Cocoa Beach (no real beaches in the Keys).

          Last year we went to a NetJets open house for kicks and my eldest said, “but why would we want a plane?! Then we’d miss the 24 hours of fun audiobooks and field trips!” So…no private plane for me!😂 This year the southbound field trip is brief–visit to the Jacksonville treaty oak, for the budding botanist.

    2. RDW, we used to pride ourselves as a family who would have deep discussions about anything – religion, sex, and politics – and keep things civil. We respected other’s points of view. Until Trump won. Oy.

      Good luck with the move! If you are still getting estimates, two small companies we’ve used have served us well. They are mom and pop companies.
      1. Gopher Express (914)241-3244
      2. Whalen Movers (914)241-1711

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