Monday Mélange

First up, this great invention previewed at CES last week. The roomba for dog poop.

Boy, do we need this! The yard is a mess thanks to Dawg. I know I should scoop it up daily but I don’t. Some people have trained their dogs to poop in only one part of the yard. We did not and at Daw’s advanced age, she goes closer and closer to the doors. I’d buy this today! Of course, it begs the question, how do you clean out the scooper-up machine??? 

Second, cool Tesla vanity plate seen in town last night.

Third, I’m moving here. Any town with two Ha’s and two exclamation points gets my vote! It’s just over the Maine border in Canada. 

Lastly, the hot mess that was Meryl Streep’s anti-Trump rant. The self serving diatribe she delivered was wrong on so many levels but my two cents is she stole the stage from the other actors whose screen performances were worthy of a Golden Globe. She knew full well her hate speech would be all that tv is talking about today. I’d say that’s about as selfish as one actor can be. 

The only consolation to her I’m Better Than You lecture is that her days of being a White House darling are gone. She’s going to have to suck up and deal the next eight years, not fly with Michelle on Air Force One and live like regular folk. Love it.

Out and about most of the day so talk amongst yourselves. Any topic okay, except Giants loss. Ouch.

5 thoughts on “Monday Mélange

  1. Streep’s speech was predictable. She holds herself in such high esteem that she can’t imagine a world that would disagree with her words of condemnation. Her last movie stunk (you saw it EOS and panned it) so enough with this Streep is a national treasure stuff and let’s start making American great now.

  2. Fueling that Tesla now that Indian Point is going into permanent deep storage could result in a carbon footprint after all.

    1. I was so shocked to hear that IP was closing and of course no news wants to report the downside of the closing. News 12 only touched on how towns will lose taxes, will lose families of IP employees, but I heard no one touch upon the price of electricity once IP closes.

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