Carbs and Football 

Watching Steelers game now (they just scored!), then Giants game this afternoon… and what food goes better with a cold lazy day? Pisgetty, of course.

I haven’t had any carbs since Christmas but today I craved a bowl of pasta. It’s probably the number one comfort food in our house. Mmmmm.

Thin spaghetti is my choice of pasta. Angel hair is good too but thin spaghetti holds sauce better. To the jarred sauce, I added a ton of garlic and some fresh basil. I would have licked the bowl but then the photo would have been of a clean bowl and would have defeated the post title.

It’s bright sunshiney today. Driveway plowed out and walkways shoveled. I guess we had 6″. Very pretty.

Nothing else to report. Back to football!! Happy Sunday.

Oh, I forgot one thing. Obama actually said this in an interview with George Stephanapolous. #smh

5 thoughts on “Carbs and Football 

  1. Still kills me to hear all my PA family call them the “Stillers” even though then have no problem pronouncing “steel” when if comes to the local high school “Steel-High”.

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