Lazy Snow Day

It’s coming down harder now than it has all day, bigger flakes too but the forecast says we won’t have totals over a few inches. It’s beautiful. The road is dead quiet. The house is quiet, except for a mouse I saw skittering across the laundry room floor. Eeek.

Rhode Island is getting hammered, with totals expected to be close to a foot by tomorrow. Swanton, you must be getting hit too. Martha’s Vineyard is calling it a blizzard, with 15-18″ of snow expected, and high winds.

My mailman just drove by so the roads must be okay enough for him to make it but I have zero intentions of leaving the house. Lots of closet and drawer organizing. Reading. TV. Very little cooking as I don’t want to eat much. I’m on a tuna fish binge. Open a can. Done. EZ.

Lake Lure NC is getting snow today too. Look how gorgeous! 

Back to my regularly scheduled nothing. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Lazy Snow Day

  1. It has been snowing all day but there aren’t more than 5″ on the ground. But, it’s really miserable outside. The wind is picking up. The snow is blowing around. It’s cold. No idea how much snow we will get by the time the storm ends. With ocean effect snow we aren’t even sure when it will end. Tonight? Tomorrow? My guess is that it’s no blockbuster.
    Lazy day. Watched some tennis on tv.

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