Ta Dah!!!!

Took longer than I expected to complete and believe it or not, the one border piece I swore was missing was actually there but I didn’t see it  until I had like five pieces left. And not five easy pieces either. 

I was thinking there should be a jigsaw puzzle club. I’m done with this so what do I do with it other than stash it in a shelf? I’d gladly give it away in exchange for a puzzle someone else has done. Hmmmm. Maybe I’ll google it and see if such a thing exists. 

In other news, it’s looking like Monday at the earliest for the start of the North Carolina jaunt. Bad weather headed here and south. My mother says she’s due for snow this weekend in Delaware. 

Oh well, NC isn’t going anywhere. It’s just that I’m chomping at the bit to leave and do some more real estate investigating. 

2 thoughts on “Ta Dah!!!!

  1. Off in the AM for sunny Florida. Hubby fell down front steps Christmas morn on black ice, fracturing a rib and bony processes on four lumbar vertebrae. Delayed trip a week. Instead of slow meander down coast, we’re zipping down I-95 in two days for a week in Palm Beach, then over to Sanibel for another five. Google the Island Sun for great things to do- lectures, foreign Academy Award movie showings, hikes, new restaurants etc etc. Unlike NC in Jan, expecting warm weather. Can’t wait! Bibi

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