Quick. What’s wrong with this photo? 

If you answered Everything, you’d be right!

This is an ad by Fisher Price for a way toddlers can get exercise while watching TV.

Rare for me, but I gotta say I’m speechless. Utterly and completely speechless that this is even for sale. Worse, that lots of parents think this is how kids should get their exercise.

As a child in the 50s and a pre-teen in the early 60s, I was gone all day on my bike or up in the tree, or playing kickball, or swimming, or ….anywhere, except inside. f course, we only got four or five TV channels but still, it never occurred to me to be indoors. That was different time, I get that, and today’s kids just aren’t allowed to be as free without fear of the parents being arrested for allowing their kids to walk to school or run to the corner store or play in a park without the parents around.

My mother’s rule was to be home for dinner. Otherwise, no rules…. and she never worried where we were.

No disrespect to Fisher Price – they are probably only marketing what they see as a need, but don’t you feel sorry for the kids whose only idea of exercise is indoors on a bike?


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    1. OK – you don’t need to toss those new pillows you love. It seems the BBB lowered the My Pillow company’s rating from an A to an F over what they considered to be deceptive advertising. They’re claiming that the bogo deal is not a deal at all & that the pillows are always the same price. Just a gimmick to push sales. Consumers whined about it & the BBB took swift action.

      1. Consumers whined. That seems to be all it takes today for any company to get action. I’m all for calling out a company for a bad product but to whine about the BOGO deal and have BBB give him an F? Seems totally crazy to me.

        I’m keeping my pillow.

  1. From the web:

    Posted: 6:25 a.m. Tuesday, January 03, 2017

    It is one of the products featured on late-night infomercials and pop-up mall kiosks, but the company that makes MyPillow has received some bad news.

    The popular pillow that is part of the “As Seen on TV” universe has lost its accreditation from the Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota, KVRR reported.

    The product now has a BBB F rating after receiving complaints from consumers.

    The BBB has asked the company to stop its buy one, get one free and other discount offers.

    Rules that govern advertising say the offers must be either offered for a limited time or it’s the normal price of the item.

    The owner of MyPillow said he could not stop the buy one, get one free offer at the time of the BBB’s request, but would look into the possibility of changes later this year.

    The company has also come under fire for false claims over what is in the pillow’s boxes and what is advertised on television, as well as offering what is called a full warranty that consumers said was not, KSTP reported.

    Mike Lindell, MyPillow CEO, responded to KSTP in a statement that the company runs sales and specials and that he is disappointed in the BBB’s decision.

  2. EOS-

    Thank you for your diligence and on-going campaign to restore sanity, if not safety, to children’s outdoor play.

    Like you, I hiked nearly a mile off to school as a first grader, and came home from the woodland adventures at dark.

    Even with hobo-camps along the rail yards and other 1950’s dangers, I never tired of exploration.

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