What’ya Know, Mike Lindell is right!

If you watch TV you no doubt know of the irritating ad that runs constantly on every channel for My Pillow!! What I didn’t know is Santa has cable in the North Pole and got Lindell’s Buy One Get One Free deal because there was a pillow for everyone under the tree!


The pillow arrives vacuum-sealed and rolled up and requires a 15 minute tumble in the dryer before the first use. I did that and the pillow seemed lumpy and clumpy, but knowing Lindell’s claim that I’ll get the best sleep ever, or my money back, I went for it and wow, the first morning I slept until 7:30am. 7:30 for me is like noontime since I usually wake around 4:15. I chalked it up to being tired after Christmas but on the second and third nights with the My Pillow, I slept like a log, and later than ever. This morning I didn’t budge until 6:31. That’s pretty much unheard of for me.

So is it the pillow? I report, you decide. Anyone else used the pillow with the same of different experiences?

FYI, the plan to leave this morning for Wilmington NC has been shelved for a day or so while bad weather runs its course along the NC coast. It’s bad here today too, not tons of rain, but enough that I am just as happy to wait until the roads are dry. It’s a 10+ hour drive to Wilmington and I like to leave the house early to get there early. This morning was not right.

Happy Tuesday. It IS Tuesday, right? Who knows when holidays are on Sunday and the federal holiday is on a Monday.



17 thoughts on “What’ya Know, Mike Lindell is right!

  1. They do work. My wife bought two last year, same BOGO deal, and we love them. We’ve washed ours a couple of times and it gets rid of the clumpy factor but I get better sleep then I ever did with the My Pillow. Mike Lindell is right.

  2. Good and healthy sleep is a critical foundation factor missing from the effort many folks put into proper diet and exercise (the verbs, not the nouns.)

    In a quest to improve my own results, I read and applied advice from the book “Sleep – the Myth of 8 hours, etc” from Penguin. It’s an audio-book, so great for a 10 hour drive.

    1. All good points. Only question: will the audio Sleep book put me to sleep while I am driving?

      I have always been a pretty good sleeper and do well on less than eight hours – Mr. EOS needs a minimum of eight, more if he can.

      1. You need a full hospital grade sleep lab to understand what really happens to an individual.

        Sleep is a highly complex brain-body shutdown, re-boot, and toxic garbage collection of physical, mental and neuro-transmitter discards. There are at least five levels to cover down and back up during a 90-minute cycle.

        The sleep goal is to average 5 cycles per night, 35 per week. Naps count. This is serious business for health and longevity.

        1. My sister’s husband went to a sleep lab and it stressed him out MORE. He’s a terrible sleeper and their findings notched his worries up another ten notches, hearing good sleep and longevity go hand in hand.

          I have plenty of energy all day on the sleep I get overnight (but I have been known to close my eyes for fifteen-thirty minutes in the late afternoon).

  3. Agree with Peter. Got two for the bride and I a few months ago – they’re great. We put them around the Xmas tree for all the relatives too!

    1. The My Pillow elves were busy. Lindell must sell millions of pillows a year – I know so many people who have them. It’d be interesting to find out of those who buy them, how many people keep them versus, like RDW, people who return them.

  4. Now you have to get a fitbit. That’s what Santa brought to everyone in our house, well, some already had one. They track your sleep each night and you know when you are getting a “good” nights sleep. It’s really fascinating to see how no more than one hour & 20 minutes of solid sleep is had; even when I’ve gotten 7hr :52min. . I was told by the gift giver to not pay so much attention to the sleep function!
    How is dawg liking this if you are not getting up and letting him out early?

    1. I have a FitBit but can’t use the sleep mode because it sent little shocks through my veins. I Googled it and found that many people have that problem with FitBit.

      I am sure I would be shocked at how restless my sleep is but I wake up refreshed and ready to go so sometimes NOT knowing more is better.

      Dawg is quite keen on the late sleep, happy to stay in her nest at the foot of our bed longer, especially since it’s cold and dark outside still.

  5. I tried My Pillow, but my results were different. I like a firmer pillow, said that on the questions they ask when ordering, did the 15 minute dryer thing when it came, but it was just too fluffy and squishy for me. I called them after a month and they gave me an RMA and refund, no problem.

    Interesting that the rest of the folks here had good results. Good for you!

    1. Funny, I find mine the opposite of fluffy and squishy – maybe I answered the questionnaire differently. I remember being asked HOW I sleep – side, back, etc, not how I like my pillow. Oh well, good that his claims of Money Back, no questions asked holds water. I dooooooo wonder what he does with the pillows people like you return? Maybe that’s why when you buy one, you get one free???? Maybe I have yours???

  6. I sleep OK on mine. I have a “Firm” version, though it doesn’t feel all that firm to me. Basically have to dryer fluff it every few days or so to keep it from collapsing. Like David Ben Gurion, I’ve got a big heavy head, what can I say? Still, its better than down and faux down and foam pillows any day of the week. My APAP machine works WONDERS too. Could be THAT that let’s me actually get sleep at night.

    1. initially a bit awkward, but the new masks are super small and minimalist. The new machines are small, automated, very quiet and truly life savers.

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