Next Chritmas We’re All Going to Martha’s for Dinner

Not Martha Stewart, but our own resident Martha, jack of all trades and gourmet. She prepared octopus for her family too, and some oysters. Champagne doesn’t look bad either. Wow.

How many of us can you host Martha? I believe we’d all want to come over.

Let’s start with how she bought her octopus, vacuum-sealed, from Costco.

Then she marinated the critter with olive oil, balsamic salt and pepper.

Here it is after hubby tended the grill. Champagne, bread, candles, and thou! Beautiful Maetha.

Bonus: oysters with some pickled herring, roasted zucchini and basic French salad

Can I say Martha it all looks so romantic as well as beautiful. Kudos, and Happy New Year.

5 thoughts on “Next Chritmas We’re All Going to Martha’s for Dinner

  1. Looks beautiful, must have tasted amazing. I was in Fjord’s picking up some “Greenwich Crack” the day before NYE and a group/ family of 4 was getting a lecture from one of the fish mongers, which I over heard him saying . . . Octopus takes a lot of time and you should try it another day…. So, he was putting them off cooking it. Seems to be a trend, the octopi !

    1. I think the rise of octopus sales is directly related at Food Network and Cooking Channel, both of which highlighted several octopus dishes just after Thanksgiving. Or, it could be the thousands who read my blog……. ha ha.

  2. A lot of restaurants have been offering grilled octopus & something as an appetizer for the last 3-5 years. I think the fish mongers had a good sales pitch. I would not try it at my house,
    But I’d be glad to celebrate with Martha!

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