Au Revoir 2016….

…..with special thanks to the camera musings of Sound Beacher and Cos Harbour.

SoundBeacher up first….

Moon over the harbor
While at the same time the setting sun
A Blue Heron still living in CT late in December.  I guess they don’t all migrate
The fog creeping in
Wishing us all JOY in 2017
From CosHarbour, in Florida
Dinky Benz
Flag Recycling Center
A personal thank you to all of you with sincere appreciation for reading, commenting, and going above and beyond by submitting photos. It does not go unappreciated, especially for those of you who don’t share my politics.
Wishing everyone a safe New Year’s Eve and a healthy and Happy 2017.


9 thoughts on “Au Revoir 2016….

  1. A beautiful way to end 2016. Thanks to both SB and CH for their photo taking skills.

    I’m still in California, taking care of the grandkids while my son and his wife take a vacation to recover from the Trump win. They are both very bitter and unable to accept the Republican win.

      1. Yes – caught the Arsenal match a few weeks ago then made the trek to Oxford. He thought his interviews there went well, so we have everything crossed for good news from them in mid-January. Otherwise it will be a long winter’s wait until March.

        1. So exciting. I imagine the hard part will come when your son has to make a choice from the schools that accepted him. If it’s not too personal, can you tell us where else he applied? Again, no need to share if that’s stepping bounds.

          As for my college daze, I went to the one college that accepted me and even that, my guidance counselor was shocked I got in. Oh, for a life do-over, I might actually pay attention in class and not be the social butterfly.

        2. He’s a math & computer science guy. He really wants to go to MIT but got deferred early there (along with 5,800 other kids, so the odds for a happy Pi Day this coming year are not great). Oxford probably his second choice because he won’t have to do the traditional undergraduate core curriculum there – straight into all math/comp sci. Also applying to four of the Ivies and Carnegie Mellon.

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