Don’t you wonder what would possess someone to do this? 

I pulled into a parking space at the post office, opened my door to a pile of used cigarette butts thrown out. Many of them smoked down to the filter. Others only half  smoked. 

I can’t imagine doing this and wouldn’t be friends with anyone who thinks this is okay. I’m only glad I didn’t see it happen. I would have confronted him. I say him because  I think this is more a guy thing than a gal thing. 

Whoever did it, it’s awful. 

Gorgeous day today once the rain stopped making my long walk along the Mianus perfect. Temps are close to 60!! 

Happy Tuesday. It is Tuesday, isn’t it?? 😬

5 thoughts on “Don’t you wonder what would possess someone to do this? 

  1. If a person will put that much junk into their (his/her/its) lungs, why not clear the car ash-tray that same way (dumping the junk on public property) and sanitize the evidence in the car for appearances. Almost equal dis-regard for self and public. And at the Post Office?

    Not complaining about your great dog, family and cooking posts, but I for one am looking forward to calendar worthy shots from all for 2017. I just reviewed your (our) lst calendar book, wishing something like that politics free year could come again. It was only six years ago in 2011 that you got that inspiration. Seems like simpler times then.

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