Next Year We’ll Go For Store Bought

That pistachio lemon birthday cake we made???

And no, the grandchildren did NOT do the icing! That’s all my creative talent! 🙂

The cake was hard to make, took far too many ingredients, the lemon syrup that was poured over the mascarpone-based icing dripped everywhere and was a sticky gooey mess, and the cake was kinda dense.


The cake had to be kept in the refrigerator until we transported it into the city and transporting it was also a nightmare. I luckily kept the styrofoam container in which the van Leuween ice cream came but of course, the plate didn’t fit so we had to get out the Bowie knife and carve the styrofoam to make it fit.

Then, if that wasn’t work enough, getting the plate back OUT of the styrofoam box was next to impossible, with bits of styrofoam coming out with it, on the plate….

Nonetheless, we wished Happy Merry Birthday and served it up with pistachio ice cream.

Oh well, the rest of the weekend was a huge success and being together with the NYC clan and my mother up from Delaware made the what IS this we are eating birthday cake mess all okay.

Day for putting good china and crystal away. Washing the last of the huge pans from Christmas Eve dinner. Writing thank you notes. Doing laundry, and eating leftovers, what few of them there are, and generally vegging.

Happy Monday!

2 thoughts on “Next Year We’ll Go For Store Bought

  1. Unfamiliar with lemon pistachio cake I turned to Google. Your cake looks a lot like ones I saw on line. Funny how good china, sterling and crystal make everything taste just a little better. Not saying you hit it out of the park with the cake but it wasn’t accompanied by chinet, stainless and jelly jar glasses, either. Ya got class.
    May 2017 be wonderful for all of us.

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