Yes, It’s True

If you touch the inside and seeds of a jalapeno pepper and forget, then rub your eye…..yowsa.

My hands are all tingly too, but just out of the oven, rounds one and two of our all-day grazing feast.

Jalapeno poppers by The Pioneer Woman

Stuffed mushrooms from Giada (they looked burned but they are not). 

Hot mulled cider thanks to Ina… with cinnamon sticks, cloves, star anise, and orange rind and juice. Add bourbon! 

There’s shrimp and smoked salmon too – a regular smorgasbord!

We plan to play board and card games while sipping and tasting, then have later courses one at a time with breaks in-between … I’ll post photos when the octopus goes into the pot of boiling water!

2 thoughts on “Yes, It’s True

  1. Merry Christmas!!🎄 your food looks delicious!

    We just finished our shepherds dinner: oysters Moscow, herring, cheeses, jams, pickles, pates and various dried meats/olives. I took some liberties with historical accuracy of what shepherds ate!

    Church at six, then home for dessert. Big kid sings in choir from 9:30 till midnight! We’ve checked NORAD and Santa 🎅🏻 is due in Connecticut between 9-12.

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